A New Way of Working

CLFS news update back to work safely

Getting back to doing what we do best safely and effectively

It has been more 100 days since lockdown began and all of us have had to cope with the considerable impact Covid-19 has had on our lives. We’ve all had to learn, adapt and find new ways to work in very uncertain times. The Chris Lewis Group has developed safe and flexible ways of working and are now all back and running at 100% capacity. With new strategies in a place, we are looking forward to starting new projects and planning for the future.

Putting Our Customers First

Livechat excellent service

Throughout lockdown The Chris Lewis Group continued to make sure our customers’ systems stayed in working order and we kept our helpline going 24 hours a day. During lockdown we understood how important it was for people to be able to get in touch with us, we worked hard to make sure we stayed connected with our customers and helped them whenever possible. The feedback we had was very positive:

 I was promptly rung by a polite and knowledgeable individual who was able to make a good assessment of the fault, over the phone. Arriving about 20 minutes later, and an hour before my expectations, he very efficiently analysed the situation which concurred with his initial diagnosis. At all times the engineer was fully aware of COVID type risks, and we maintained a correct social distance after mutually agreeing we were both minimal risk individuals. I would definitely recommend Chris Lewis to other friends on the back of this excellent service.
Mr N Ritchie, Residential Customer

Getting back to work safely

CLFS security protective clothing

All our engineers and anyone who needs to visit customers’ homes have been issued with PPE and hand gel. They follow strict social distancing and the best hygiene practices. Having invested in innovative technology, such as remote maintenance and servicing platforms, we have been able to offer help to our customers, often without the need to even enter their property. These remote support systems worked very well, and we can now offer upgrades for those who would like this service going forwards.

We are happy to say that our maintenance programs are now all fully operational, and we are also able to facilitate site surveys for new projects.

Our hard-working and adaptable team

The whole of the Chris Lewis Group team really rose to the challenge that lockdown presented. Chris Lewis CEO said ‘I know that change is never easy but the way the team has adapted to new ways of working has been fantastic. We’ve all been keeping in touch as much as if we were in the office, using video conferencing to help to keep everyone feeling like part of team’. Many members of the team who haven’t been able to do their normal role within the organisation have been given the opportunity to take part in online training courses to help them develop their skills about progress in their careers.

New solutions for a changing world

economical thermal screening

As shops, offices, hotels and other businesses begin to re-open, we want to help make sure these environments are as safe as possible. We can now provide many new solutions for getting people back to work safely. Systems such as Thermal temperature cameras, touchless access control, density screening solutions and Purifog santitising systems are now available to help making going out and about a little easier.


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