Automatic Fire Extinguishers

    Bad wiring and electrical faults cause around 12,000 fires each year, with the average loss an eye-watering £657,074!

    With over 30 years of experience in commercial fire safety, our team of experts are the perfect choice to design, install and maintain the perfect suppression system for your building's needs.

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    Our systems are designed to provide an ultra-safe solution for any high-risk commercial setting, such as data centres and server rooms.


    Our fire suppression systems are a great choice instead of sprinklers in school rooms at high risk of water damage, like labs, libraries and data rooms.

    Our Range

    We work with the most effective chemical and inert agents on the market. It’s our mission to install systems that work perfectly for your exact needs.


    Our team specialise in suppression system inspections. This includes physical checks, cleans and tweaks as needed for all parts of your system.

    NSI Gold Accredited Installer
    BAFE Fire Safety Register
    Richard Hayes Estates Bursar, St Edward’s School

    “We have a long-standing relationship with Chris Lewis Fire & Security and we greatly value their product and technical knowledge, and their professionalism. They provide a very efficient call-out service if we experience a problem and their engineers are always very friendly and efficient.”

    Mick Garner Assistant Engineer Estates & Facilities, University of Southampton

    “We have a long standing relationship with Chris Lewis Fire & Security and now having them maintaining the university’s fire, intruder and access control systems is proving very useful as there’s always an engineer available on site.”

    Paul Mulford Clerk of Works, Balliol College, Oxford

    “The College is delighted with its new fire system and very appreciative of the service we received from Chris Lewis Fire & Security. Their engineers provided sound advice and recommendations and made what could have been a very difficult and disruptive process, very smooth and painless”


    Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

    We have deployed our fire suppression solutions in a range of commercial buildings, from simple storage units to multi-million-pound server farms. With gas and synthetic options, the systems we install protect properties, contents and even lives in the event of a fire.

    Our systems offer far more than standard sprinklers or water mist systems - which can damage the contents of the room. The systems we install use inert and chemical agents, and are designed to protect items that water can damage. This could be servers, historic pieces, documents, medical equipment, and more.

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    University, College & School Fire Suppression Systems

    Chemical and gas suppressing agents are a cleaner option for sprinkler systems in school rooms more at risk of water damage, like labs and libraries. This also applies to listed or protected sites where water damage could affect aesthetics or period design. 

    Our automatic fire suppression systems can play a vital role in protecting students. Whether used in a lab, library or server room, our expertly installed inert agents will also protect the contents. This avoids damage that can set a school back by thousands of pounds

    Different Types of Fire Suppression Systems

    We mainly work with gas suppression systems. These use a gaseous fire suppressing agent that quickly extinguishes fires across at-risk areas with little damage or residue. We call this a ‘clean agent’ - a gas-based suppressor that is non-conductive and leaves no residue upon evaporation.

    Novec 1230:

    The industry’s standard extinguishing system, and the one we recommend the most. Novec 1230 fire suppression systems work by quickly removing heat and putting out the potential fire before a flame can ignite. The colourless gas is almost odour free, does not cause harm to humans, evaporates 50 times faster than water, and is non-conductive. That means it has no effect on electronics or mechanical components, so systems can work, even in an emergency.

    • Reduces downtime and limits damage, as systems can stay in operation while the fire is suppressed
    • 10 second discharge time
    • Puts out fire in less than 20 seconds
    • Stored as a liquid and dispensed as a gas, so fewer cylinders are required than for other systems
    • Eco-friendly, it poses no threat to the environment due as it consists of green gases
    • One of the most advanced technologies which not only meets today’s requirements but those of the foreseeable future as well.
    • As the gas is stored as a liquid and so is at a lower pressure, the cylinders have to be placed closer to the target area than inert systems
    • Data Centres/ Server rooms
    • Comms Rooms
    • Telecoms facilities
    • UPS Rooms
    • Medical facilities

    Inert Gas IG-55:

    This agent is a 50/50 mix of Argon and Nitrogen, which will reduce oxygen levels inside an area to between 12% and 15% when deployed. At this level, there is not enough oxygen for a fire to burn, but if levels were to drop below 12%, it would be a danger to human life. With our solutions, you can safely suppress a fire with no further health and safety issues.

    • Non-conductive, colourless, and odour free. This cuts downtime and limits damage, as systems can keep working while the fire is put out.
    • Both gases occur naturally and so will not damage the environment.
    • Discharges in around 60 seconds
    • Because the solution is stored as a gas, it has higher pressure and can be located further from the room it protects than any other option
    • We recommend this solution to protect electrical and electronic devices
    • You will need to have your room/area pressure tested as this system releases 40% more gas into the area
    • You will need to have regulation vents installed
    • The gas is stored as a gas which means more cylinders are required than Novec 1230 and CO2
    • Data Centres/ Server rooms
    • Comms Rooms
    • Telecoms facilities
    • UPS Rooms
    • Medical facilities

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2):

    Thought of as the most efficient form of fire suppression, CO2 suppression systems work by both cooling the fire and starving it of oxygen. This agent has been the industry’s most trusted solution for many years. Unlike other options, carbon dioxide is a threat to human life when deployed, so it is best used in spaces that aren't occupied.

    • Non-corrosive, non-conductive, and leaves no residue, which means sensitive equipment is not damaged when the solution is deployed. This reduces downtime and costs
    • Refilling cylinders is much more cost effective than for other systems
    • Can be used in a local environment (on a specific area or piece of machinery) or to totally flood a room
    • Discharges and floods a room in just 20 seconds
    • While CO2 systems can be the most effective, they also pose a health risk when compared to other agents. You are best using them in non-occupied spaces
    • Needs more health and safety measures in place, due to the threat it poses to humans
    • Suitable for food industries and other situations where contamination is to be avoided
    • Engine rooms
    • Generator rooms
    • Power Stations
    • Flammable liquid storage rooms
    • Around large industrial machines
    CO2 fire suppression systems
    Fire suppression system maintenance

    System Maintenance, Upgrade & Takeover

    Over the last 30 years, we have worked with a wide range of suppliers, in many different settings, using a huge array of tech. Today, Chris Lewis Fire & Security is one of the most trusted fire suppression installers in the South East. Our engineers will visit your site, assess your exact needs and design an active fire protection system that suits you. They will then install it with minimal disruption.

    We offer a range of maintenance packages, from your yearly service visits and remote support, all the way through to bespoke options. Chris Lewis can maintain any fire suppression system, no matter who installed it.

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