Thermal Screening and Temperature Detection

    Our fever screening technology can detect elevated body temperatures, which could indicate the presence of a fever, before altering your team so you can act accordingly.  Our thermal imaging cameras work well in a wide variety of environments including schools, hospitals, offices, warehouses, factories, shops, and retail outlets.

    We offer a range of unique thermal screening solutions to help detect the presence of a fever, which is one of the most documented symptoms of Coronavirus/COVID-19. Using our thermal imaging technology and infrared cameras, you can safely identify if an individual is showing signs of fever upon entry into your premises whilst still maintaining social distancing rules. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), the system produces images and temperature readings to effectively respond to high body temperatures before sending an immediate alert directly to the relevant member of staff to help you act early.

    Fever screening works because any object with temperatures above absolute zero emits a detectable amount of radiation. A thermal camera converts this radiation into clearly visible colours so you can detect elevated temperatures, which help indicate the presence of a fever, with high-temperature accuracy.

    Our Range Of Thermal Solutions

    Available in 2 varieties, Eco and Pro, our handheld solution is light and mobile. It’s efficiency stands out with the ability to screen up to 60 people per minute whilst avoiding any unnecessary contact. The solution can integrate with PCs and mobiles and save screenshots of potentially risky people as evidence.



    The Economical Temperature Screening Solution is both thermal and optical and can screen up to 30 people at any one time. Temperature readings are accurate to +/- 0.5 degrees (or +/-0.3 with the collaborator), and the solution can seamlessly integrate with your existing video management system (VMS).

    The advanced artificial intelligence (AI) reduces false readings associated with someone holding items such as a cup of hot water, and facial recognition technology takes readings from the forehead for more accurate results. It even has the ability to determine if an individual is wearing a facemask.



    The Professional Thermal Screening Solution is an advancement on the economic solution, offering all the same features but with a higher camera resolution and the ability to take accurate temperature readings from up to 9m away, providing higher levels of detail and wider coverage for readings.



    Whether you operate or manage an office building, warehouse, or block of flats, our access control terminals can deny or grant access to premises based on select configurations and criteria. These include facial recognition, temperature control, card access, and even if someone is wearing a face mask or not.

    This will allow you to ensure that anyone who has a temperature, which may indicate a fever, does not enter and therefore cannot contaminate the environment.



    Benefits Of Fever Screening

    It only takes one second to detect elevated skin temperatures and large numbers of people can be screened at any one time, making mass screening simple and effective whilst avoiding any unnecessary contact.
    Detect the temperature of individuals entering your premises whilst still maintaining social distancing measures and avoiding any unnecessary contact.
    Our fever screening technology can be integrated with your existing access control systems to deny or grant access based upon an individual’s temperature. With full integration also available with things such as your existing CCTV systems this technology is simple, flexible and easy to scale up if required.
    This technology is designed to detect the presence of a fever, which is a primary symptom of a wide range of viruses and illnesses, including COVID. By picking up on these things early you support the primary function of protecting your staff and visitors, with the added benefit of reducing the illness rate inside your organisation and minimising sick days. This detection helps prevent the spread of deadly infection and people will feel safer inside your premises if they know sophisticated precautionary measures are taking place to reduce the risk of contracting an illness.

    Download the complete guide to fever screening.

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