Take relaxation to the next level with smart spas and fitness centres

    Utilising smart technology for fitness and spas facilities is important. Why? Because it can reduce energy consumption as well as increase customer satisfaction.

    Let smart technology introduce automation and intelligence into your facility. Contact us today to understand how smart technology can help your business.

    Fitness & Spa

    Smart technology for spas and fitness facilities:

    • Pool, spa, workout and sports hall audio and PA systems
    • Sensory rooms
    • Pool systems
    • Centralised controls for all technology
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    Benefits of smart technology for spas and fitness
    Benefits of smart technology for spas and fitness
    • Increased customer satisfaction
    • Increased efficiency
    • Easy to control & monitor
    • Integration opportunities
    • Increased safety of staff and customers
    Integration opportunities

    Integrate smart lighting into your spa or fitness facility to save energy and worry. Automated lighting utilises motion sensors or remote controls to turn lights off or on. They are also able to interact with other smart technology such as blinds and sound systems.

    Smart Lighting

    Create the perfect, tranquil, and immersive spa experience possible. Or provide energetic, motivational, high volume fitness music. How? Using a high quality integrated sound systems.

    Smart Sound Systems

    Keep your customers and staff safe by integrating smart security into your business. Introduce CCTV, access control, and alarm systems, to monitor visitors and assets at all times.

    Smart Security
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    We also offer maintenance and support packages regardless of if we installed your system or not. Get in touch to see how we can help you.


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