Smart Home Specialists

    Chris Lewis Group are a highly experienced smart home company. When it comes to planning, designing and installing your perfect home, we supply and install everything a new smart home may need.

    Whether its automated lighting, a smart security system, smart home sound system, or even a home cinema - if you can imagine it, we can bring it to life.

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    Our award-winning team’s ongoing commitment is to use the most innovative and advanced home automation technology to turn your dream home into reality. We work with you to understand your needs and create a smart home design, that's perfectly tailored to your lifestyle.

    Smart Home Design Service

    Smart Home Design Services

    Your vision defines our entire process. We know there's no such thing as a "normal" modern home. That's why we design smart home projects from the ground up. From townhouses to heritage properties and listed buildings; we work with you to ensure your vision is fully realised.

    Smart Home Audio


    Home Sound Systems

    A whole-home sound system can create a unified soundscape that spreads through the entire house - and even the garden, if desired. Plus, with technology from some of the world's leading audio manufacturers like Sonance, you can create completely invisible setups with loud and proud sound.

    Smart Home Security

    Smart Security Systems

    Ensure your family and possessions are safe with innovative security systems that turn your home into a fortress. With technology from industry-leading suppliers like Texecom, Avigilon Alta and Verkada, you can protect what matters most to you.

    Smart home company

    Smart Lighting Systems

    Complement and elevate your home's aesthetics with cutting-edge smart lighting systems that can be managed and customised from smart switches, control pads, or even your mobile phone. Our technicians work with some of the industry's most experienced and innovative manufacturers to create systems that are as beautiful as they are simple.

    Smart Blinds

    Smart Blinds & Curtains

    Automated blind and curtain systems balance impeccable style with ease of use. These systems can be controlled at the touch of a button, by voice control or mobile device, or they can be automated to work based on weather conditions and time of day. Whatever system you choose, smart blinds and shutters will take the lighting in your home to the next level.

    Home Cinema Installers

    Home Cinema

    An expertly-designed home cinema system will ensure you always have the best seat in the house. Whether it's watching the latest blockbuster, a timeless classic, or even live sport and TV shows, with a luxurious home entertainment setup you can have the fully immersive cinema experience, without leaving the house.

    smart garden lighting

    Smart Gardens

    The convenience of a smart home shouldn't end when you step outside. A smart garden gives you control over your outdoor lighting, sound systems, irrigation and lawnmower, all from your mobile device. You can even manage your fountains and swimming pool! 

    Smart Home Wifi Installers

    Smart Home WiFi

    A Smart WiFi setup will keep every device in the house connected at once with no aggravating buffering, down time or lag. Whether you're working, streaming video, gaming, or catching up with friends, upgrading your WiFi improves the experience for every internet user in the home.

    Smart Heating Installers

    Smart Home Heating 

    Gain complete control over the temperature of your home with a smart temperature control system. Manage your heating and cooling on a room-by-room basis, according to occupation, time of day, or day of the week. With systems from some of the most innovative manufacturers in the industry, we can give you command of your home's temperature from anywhere in the world.

    Smart Home Technology

    Home Automation Technology 

    At Chris Lewis we are partnered with some of the most cutting edge home technology companies in the world. From Sonance's invisible speaker systems to Lutron's incredibly flexible and scalable lighting controls, with our technology partners, the possibilities are endless.

    Smart Home system maintenance

    Smart Home Maintenance

    Whether your smart home system was designed and installed by us or a different smart home company, we can support you with any ongoing maintenance, repairs and upgrades you might need.

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