What makes us tick


    Chris Lewis Group was originally established in 1993. 30 years later and we’re one of the biggest in the industry, providing innovative fire, security, and smart technology. We put you at the centre of our business, ensuring all of your needs, questions, and requirements are fulfilled. Our world revolves around yours.

    Priding ourselves on exceptional customer service, we will advise and guide you in the best solutions and integration opportunities for your home, business, or school, providing designs and installation to suit every style.

    Chris Lewis Delivering Technology


    Chris Lewis Group consists of two counterparts: Chris Lewis Fire & Security, the first established and therefore longest running component in our business; and Chris Lewis Smart Home, Fire & Security’s younger sister company, established in 2008.

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    Fire & Security

    As Oxford’s largest independent Fire & Security experts, and having won many prestigious awards over the years, we are recognised as being the number one provider of fire and security installations for domestic and commercial premises in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, West London, and the surrounding areas.

    Our innovative fire and security solutions provide you with the highest levels of safety, wherever you are, with only the highest standard and quality systems. We specialise in using innovative IT to integrate fire and security installations, providing an easy to use system with cost-saving benefits. As we constantly review new products on the market, we can advise you on the latest and best fire and security technology, providing the best possible solution for you.

    Smart Home

    With 12 years of experience in the smart technology sector, Chris Lewis Smart Home, while younger than the Fire & Security counterpart, has established itself as an innovative and valued provider of smart technology solutions.

    We offer smart home design and installation, collaborating with you the whole way to establish how the technology can work at its best for you and your needs! We can advise and help with any integration opportunities, design, and installation for any space and style.

    Core Values

    Teamwork Chris Lewis

    We believe that the best results come from working together as a team. Individual talents can come together and enhance each other in unison, allowing us to tackle every scenario.

    Results Chris Lewis
    Delivering exceptional results

    Our exceptional results are achieved through innovation, motivation, and dedication. Being early investors in innovative technology gives us an edge and makes us stand out.

    Being Accountable Chris Lewis
    Being accountable

    We encourage everyone to take full ownership of their actions, as well as the outcomes of everything they do. By doing exactly what we say on the tin, our customers can trust us to deliver with integrity.

    Customer Service Chris Lewis
    Putting the customer first

    At Chris Lewis we put the customer at the centre of everything we do, we know that you should be made to feel valued and it is our priority to ensure this.

    Being Respectful Chris Lewis
    Always being respectful

    Our workplace is an open, fair, and positive environment where transparency produces a strong, cohesive workforce. This attitude then reflects on how we support our customers.

    Exceeding Expectations Chris Lewis
    Exceeding customer expectations

    Every single team member has been given full customer service training, regardless of their role, ensuring we always provide you with the same levels of professional and friendly service.

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