Access Control Systems

    Chris Lewis access control systems are designed to regulate and manage the entry and exit of individuals or vehicles into specific areas. Our educational and commercial access control systems help to maximise on-site security, whilst maintaining convenient access.

    Access control systems have become increasingly advanced over recent years. At Chris Lewis Security we source and install everything from simple keyless entry systems through to advanced biometric identity verification systems.

    Access Credentials

    We can create access solutions that use authentication types ranging from simple PIN Codes, Fobs, or Key-cards, to smart phone credentials and advanced biometric access control systems.

    Standalone or Network

    Chris Lewis access security systems offer standalone and network solutions that can work with on-premise or cloud-based servers. The choice is yours depending on the specification. 

    Integration Specialists

    By combining access control with other security systems such as CCTV or with HR software, our access control installers provide integrated security solutions that do far more than simply grant or deny entry.

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    Commercial Access Control Installer

    Commercial Access Control Systems

    Whether your onsite security requires simple fob-based door entry or industry-leading biometric technology, our commercial access control specialists can create custom entry management systems that are tailor-made for each individual business's security requirements.

    School Access Control Company

    School Access Control

    With decades of experience within the educational security industry, we understand how important the duty of care towards staff and students is. Our team of school access control system installers specialise in identity verification systems that help to maximise security across all entry and exit points.

    Intercom System installer

    Intercom Systems

    With both audio and audio-visual options available, our intercom security systems enable full control over who is entering your property and when. We can create advanced intercom security systems that offer remote accessibility from anywhere in the world and which can be integrated with other access control and on-site security systems.

    System Maintenance

    System Maintenance

    Our security system maintenance services provide 24/7  call outs, remote troubleshooting and regular health checks to ensure you stay fully protected long after our access control installers have left.


    We also offer a wide range of system takeover and upgrade packages. So, whatever your site security requirements - we're here to help.

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