Designing, Installing & Maintaining Lutron Smart Lighting Systems

    Lutron are the original inventors of the lighting control system. Even today they are still recognised as the best in the industry. Lutron shading technology can be used to create drama and atmosphere in any room. Lutron's range is energy efficient and expertly tailored to suit you and your needs.

    As certified Lutron installers, our fully-trained specialists can provide you with design, installation, and maintenance services for your smart lighting system. 

    Lutron Installers

    Lutron HomeWorks makes life more productive, relaxed, secure, and efficient by controlling natural and electric lighting. With dimming, switching, and shading solutions, you can make every space your own. Single room, zoned areas, or whole building solutions allow you to effortlessly adjust your lighting. This can be for different tasks or moods through blind automation or artificial lighting.

    Integrating Lutron with multiple other smart technologies will provide you with the best solutions for your home. These other smart technologies include:

    • Home Cinema – lights and blinds can be automated to dim and close as the film begins. Create the perfect cinema atmosphere to immerse you in the entertainment.
    • Smart Security –Lutron features a wide range of advanced programming. Set up Occupancy Simulation to mimic your presence when your away from home.
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    Imagine That…

    Imagine settling down one evening in the living room to watch a family movie. You press a button, the lights dim, and the blinds have automatically closed. You sit back, relax, and enjoy the film. With Lutron’s lighting solutions, this is no longer imagination, but a reality.

    Benefits of smart home lighting and shading solutions

    Lutron has been promoting the energy saving benefits of lighting controls since 1961. In fact, its owner, Joel Spira, invented the first electronic dimmer. All light sources use less energy when dimmed, and it's possible to dim them without being detected by the human eye. Did you know bulb life is also extended through the use of dimmers? Incandescent and halogen bulbs last up to 20 times longer using a dimmer.

    With Lutron smart grid solutions, homeowners and businesses can save even more energy. Intelligently monitor and reduce energy usage during peak hours throughout your home.

    Energy Saving = Planet Saving

    As we continue to become more aware of the impact humans are having on the planet, we have realised that making the most of the natural daylight in our homes can help.

    With automatic lighting solutions that utilise sensors, you needn’t worry that you forgot to turn a light off or close the blinds. Each will have served its purpose automatically. Smart blinds use the sun to adjust their shading, sensing in the winter to let more light in. During the summer they will let less light in, reducing your air conditioning usage. Instead, one quick press of a button will ensure you lighting solutions are working in a way that suits you.

    In the office, give your employees control over the lighting in their area. Integrate automated controls such as occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, and automated shades. This helps you to avoid waste and maximise the use of natural light. This is actually better for workplace productivity anyway!

    Utilise natural daylight

    Control lighting and window blinds easily using a handheld remote. You can also use a wall-mounted keypad or tabletop control, located either in each area or from a central source. These systems can be integrated with your other smart technology in a way that works for you.

    Chris Lewis Smart Home’s design and installation teams collaborate with you to ensure your technology works at its best for you and your specific requirements.

    Lutron Installer Control

    Lutron light systems can be personalised to your exact taste or mood. Choose from a variety of designs to suit your existing décor and create the perfect atmosphere. A Lutron home system not only looks great but is highly adaptable.

    Aesthetically Pleasing
    Why choose us?

    Our team of dedicated experts have been installing Lutron lighting solutions since 2008. In that time we have continued to advance our knowledge of the technology through experience. Designing and installing smart lighting solutions is one of our biggest passions. We have a wide range of care plans and maintenance packages available too. Don't worry if we didn't install your existing Lutron solution, Chris Lewis can help with professional support.

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