Expert Education CCTV Camera Installation Services

    When it comes to keeping staff and students safe, you can’t be too careful. With our advanced CCTV cameras and intelligently integrated systems, we have you covered.

    Trusted by Oxford University for over 10 years, and with over 30 years' experience installing cutting-edge security systems, we know what's needed to protect educational establishments. 

    School CCTV Systems

    Your CCTV systems should reliably capture live footage for reactive playback, should you ever need it. But in today's world, is that really enough? At Chris Lewis, our CCTV and video installations go above and beyond simple reactive monitoring.

    Record and store unlimited footage with ease, and receive notifications if cameras go down or are meddled with.
    Automatically identify if cars are speeding or parked illegally and have alerts sent straight to your mobile device.
    View HD footage on desktop or mobile devices, from anywhere in the world, and benefit from quick, in-depth archive searching.
    Use CCTV as a video tripwire, and start recording if motion is detected out of hours or in specific, higher-risk areas.
    Receive notifications when an unknown person is on the premises, or if large groups are gathering, allowing you to take immediate action.
    Search and view footage by an individual's appearance. This can be based on their clothing or even pictures.

    Do more than just record and store footage

    As one of the leading installers in the UK, we are experts in customising and integrating CCTV Systems with intelligent features. Our team has supported the likes of Oxford University for over 30 years and will ensure CCTV and digital video surveillance works for you, taking your existing setup to the next level.

    Integrate your IP CCTV camera system with your access control system and use facial recognition to grant/deny access to people entering the building. Whether this is the main classrooms and communal areas, or even dorms/halls, it's essential to ensure access is only given to those who are permitted. You can even use ANPR to grant access to car parks. 

    Learn More about What Access Control can do for you

    Use CCTV as an automatic tripwire or motion sensor to detect intruders on your premises out of hours. Police and security guards can be automatically alerted, and the footage captured will help them learn where the intruder is, as well as their appearance.

    Learn More about our School Intruder Alarms
    Use archived CCTV footage to find where an individual was at a certain time using facial recognition. This can be used to see if a student attended the class they should have, or if someone accessed a building they weren't authorised to.

    Receive an instant notification if someone has accessed an area where they are not allowed. Alternatively, this same system can detect individuals skipping lessons or attempting to leave the grounds without permission.

    Benefit from out-of-hours surveillance coverage by registered professionals with our CCTV monitoring service. Prices start from just £15 per camera, saving thousands on having a security guard constantly roaming the grounds. 

    Monitored Systems
    Steve Porter Head Porter, Pembroke College

    “I can’t sing the praises of our new IP CCTV system highly enough. It’s made our College far more secure, it’s incredibly easy to manage and extremely quick to retrieve and rewind relevant footage.”

    Richard Hayes St Edward's School

    “We have a long-standing relationship with Chris Lewis Fire & Security and we greatly value their product and technical knowledge, and their professionalism. They provide a very efficient call-out service if we experience a problem and their engineers are always very friendly and efficient.”

    Facilities Manager Leighton Park School

    “Chris Lewis Fire and Security have always provided us with first-class solutions. They always put our staff and pupils’ safety first. We are glad that we used a school security expert”

    What can we do for you?

    We develop and maintain CCTV systems to protect any place of learning. Backed by 30+ years of installation experience, we've supported everything from Oxford Colleges to independent schools. Our team will visit your site and discuss the specifics of your project, including limitations and budget, before creating a solution that works on your terms. 

    Already have an existing system? No problem. We offer a wide range of maintenance and upgrade packages to suit your needs and scale. So, whatever your CCTV requirements, we're here to help.

    Looking to connect with one of our experts?

    Submit the form below and one of our commercial security specialists will reach out shortly. 

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    The College operated an analogue CCTV system consisting of hard-wired cameras that were recording onto two separate hard disk recorders. When its new......