Unlock the potential of your outdoor space

    Adjust your lighting, enjoy music outdoors, ensure all your plants get just the right amount of water, and even control things like fountains and pools, all at the touch of a button!

    With our smart garden technology, all this and more is possible. It's time to take full, automatic control of your outdoor space.

    Smart Gardens Chris Lewis

    Imagine that…

    ...the BBQ is beginning to cool down. The sun has just dipped below the horizon. But instead of retreating indoors, you settle down in front of your outdoor home cinema. At the touch of a button the garden lights dim, the surround sound system springs to life, and your favourite film begins. With a Smart Garden, this is no longer a dream, but reality. 

    Bring the big screen home with an Outdoor Home Cinema system, designed to excite. Using best-in-class technology such as high-definition projectors and weatherproof screens, outdoor home cinemas are perfect for anything from late night horror movies to live sporting events. Everything can be controlled at the touch of a button and with your favourite streaming platforms built in. Lights, camera, action!

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    Control your garden lights and create the perfect vibe every time with our expert-installed, fully integrated smart outdoor lighting systems. Managed from a mobile app or keypad in your home, you'll be able to design a light setup built around you. Smart lights can take your outdoor setting to the next level.

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    With speakers hidden throughout the garden, you can bring your favourite streaming platforms outdoors. These systems come with weather resistant casing and can be camouflaged to suit any space. This means you'll achieve pristine sound without losing a shred of style. Our professionally-installed outdoor sound systems deliver crystal clear audio that fills your garden, while directed speakers lower the risk of upsetting the neighbours - so you can keep the party going all night long.

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    Automate your lawn and plant irrigation to ensure your water tank consistently hydrates your plants, so you can sit back and relax. You'll even be able to monitor the weather history from your phone to see if it's rained.

    With these systems you can rest assured that when you get back from holiday your green space will be just as luscious as when you left. Why not add a robot lawnmower too, to give you even more time to relax and enjoy your outdoor spaces?

    Why choose our smart garden service?

    Chris Lewis Smart Home is run by a team of dedicated home automation and system integration experts. Our technicians are highly experienced at designing, installing and maintaining smart garden technologies. We are on hand to help you make the most of your outdoor spaces, and to ensure that they are perfectly suited to your needs.

    Whatever you’re looking for, when it comes to automating your garden, we can to bring it to life. With our depth of knowledge, we can advise on designs and integration options you may not have considered. Plus, if any of your smart garden systems need troubleshooting or repairing, we're here to help, even if we didn't install it! 

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