Taking a Proactive Approach to Security

    Our remote monitoring station gives you a second pair of eyes over your premises when you're not around. If an incident does occur you can rest easy knowing that a trained specialist is dealing with the situation quickly and appropriately.

    False alarm? No problem. Our team handles the situation, resetting the system and resolving any underlying issues the very next day, often before you're even aware of the activation.

    Our monitored packages keep your staff or family out of harm's way should the worse happen, increasing speed to response and the likelihood of prosecution. No more late-night callouts. No more indecisiveness. Trust your security to the professionals. 

    CCTV Monitoring services

    CCTV Monitoring

    Proactively monitor your premises on-the-go from £15 per camera, per month. With remote accessibility, our team can visually very threats and false alarms before reacting in line with the latest security standards. 

    Intruder Alarm Monitoring

    Intruder Alarm Monitoring

    With our monitored intruder alarm packages, you get extra peace of mind that your property is safe. 24/7, around the clock. No false activations. No late responses. Just proactive security at its best. 

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