Chris Lewis Smart Homes can install a wide range of Lutron blinds and shading systems for homes and businesses

Lutron blind

For over 50 years Lutron has the been the world’s leading manufacturer of lighting control and electric blinds. We helped customers design the systems to create shade and atmosphere to every room. With systems that can be fully integrated to the rest of your smart home technology, shades can be adjusted easily at the touch of a button.

LutronTypes of Lutron blinds


These blinds are functional, easy-to-use and look beautiful. They can be remote controlled to produce the perfect amount of light, dark, privacy and comfort.

Sivoia QS Triathlon

A fashionable and flexible shading system available today – can be fitted in either the new roller shade or insulting honeycomb style. These blinds are battery-powered and perfect for retrofit applications.

Sivoia QS Wireless shading system

Control all your Lutron blinds wirelessly, adjust the light in multiple rooms or your whole building effortlessly. This system Sivoia can be integrated with a Lutron lighting control system, so you can control all aspects of light to produce the perfect ambiance. 

Hyperion solar-adaptive shading

This system uses software to automatically adjusts Lutron shades  in response to the changing position of the sun. this can save energy, instantly reduce glare and make your home a better temperature. 

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