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    Take control of your home's lighting using Lutron smart lighting technology. From automated blinds and curtains, to sophisticated lighting control systems, Lutron smart lighting systems can do it all.

    As fully certified Lutron installers, our specially-trained smart lighting team have decades of experience in the design, installation and maintenance of Lutron lighting systems.

    Lutron Installers

    Lutron Lighting

    Lutron are the original inventors of smart lighting systems and are widely recognised as UK industry leaders for lighting control systems, automated blinds and smart curtains. At Chris Lewis our Lutron installers and designers specialise in smart lighting systems that are tailored to each individual smart home and client's preferences.

    Increase natural light levels using automated curtains and blinds that adjust automatically with the position of the sun.

    Regulate your home's temperature by automatically opening and closing blinds/curtains based on time of day.

    Control your home's lighting from a single switch, tablet, or mobile device, or automate it to work on a schedule! 

    Improve security by simulating occupancy when you're not home. This can be controlled automatically or via the app. 

    Imagine That…'re settling down in the living room to watch a family movie. You press a button, the lights dim, and the blinds close automatically. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the film, with no need to get up to turn off lights or close curtains. With Lutron’s intelligent technology, this is no longer imagination, but a reality.

    Lutron smart lighting benefits

    Lutron has been promoting the energy saving benefits of lighting controls since 1961. In fact, its owner, Joel Spira, invented the first electronic dimmer. All light sources use less energy when dimmed, and it's possible to dim them slow enough to remain undetected by the human eye. Bulb life is also extended through the use of dimmers, with incandescent and halogen bulbs lasting up to 20 times longer using a dimmer.

    With Lutron smart grid solutions, homeowners and businesses can save even more energy costs by intelligently monitoring and reducing energy usage during peak hours.

    Chris Lewis Smart Home Tech

    We become more aware of the positive impacts of natural lighting in the home every year. Lutron systems can help you take full advantage of these benefits.

    With Lutron technology, you can control the level of natural light entering your home based on the position of the sun. This is not only great for your wellbeing but also controls your home's temperature. 

    smart blinds and natural lighting

    Lutron Homeworks QS gives you easy control over lighting and window blinds using a handheld remote. You can also use wall-mounted keypads or tabletop controls, either located throughout the home or at a central source. These systems can be integrated with other smart technology in a way that works for you.

    Chris Lewis Smart Home’s design and installation teams will collaborate with you to ensure your technology works at its best for you and your specific requirements.

    Lutron light systems can be personalised to your exact taste or mood. Choose from a variety of designs to suit your existing décor and create the perfect atmosphere for any situation. A Lutron home system not only looks great but is highly adaptable.

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    Chris Lewis Lutron Specialists

    Our team of dedicated experts have been installing Lutron technology since 2008. In that time we have advanced our knowledge of the technology through extensive experience. Designing and installing smart lighting solutions is one of our biggest passions and one of the many areas in which we are considered industry leaders. We have a wide range of care plans and maintenance packages available too. Just looking for maintenance? Don't worry. Even if we didn't install your existing Lutron products, we can still support you with the maintenance, takeover, or upgrade of your existing system.

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