Control4 and Amazon Alexa

Hands free smart home control and control with the new Control4 Smart Home Skill for the Amazon Alexa

Control4 has now launched integration with the Amazon Alexa range of products – This will give homeowners the convenience of total home automation through voice commands via Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Fire TV.

Total Smart Home Control

With Control4 you can already command many aspects of your home technology in simple ways:

  • Audio and visual control – listen and watch what you want, wherever you want
  • Lighting – create a different mood in every room
  • Heating – be more efficient and control the temperature of your home
  • Security – Make sure your property is secure from anywhere in the world

Setting the scene

Now with the Control4 Smart Home Skill and Amazon Alexa these can be controlled hands-free. What’s more, it enables you to create your own ‘scene’; pre-set a lighting, sound and temperature ambience and activate them all with a simple description. An example of the is could be “Alexa, turn on ‘relaxing time’” and the pre-set lowered lighting, closed blinds and soft jazz would all be automatically activated.

A perfect partnership

Control4 is the one of the first home automation companies to combine smart home scenes with the convenience of Alexa.

Watch the Control4 video to learn more about how it works.

Control4 and Amazon Alexa


control4 dealerExpert and accredited installations

Chris Lewis Smart Home are experienced and authorised Control4 installers. We can help you design and set up your perfect voice activated systems and make sure all your devices are fully integrated. We design and install a large range of smart home solutions for homes, businesses and educational establishments.

Get in touch to find out more about Control 4 and how we can help make your property smarter.

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