Your #1 Choice for Security Installations in Maidenhead

    As a major link in South East England's Silicon Corridor, Maidenhead is home to many vital software, plastics, drug and telecoms firms. For over 30 years, our range of security solutions have protected Maidenhead firms and homes alike. Our team of experts know just how to keep the things that matter most to you safe and secure.

    Chris Lewis Group specialise in cutting-edge, ultra-secure solutions. If you’re in charge of security for a school or college in the area, or manage a company or own a home in Maidenhead, you can trust the systems we install to keep your site safe.


    Chris Lewis have installed tailored home security systems across Maidenhead for the last 30 years. We can offer both proactive and reactive measures to guard the things that matter most to you.


    Our team have designed, built and serviced commercial security systems in Maidenhead for over 30 years. Their skills and access to cutting-edge tech means they can create systems to suit even the most niche requirements.


    We are the #1 choice for security systems in the education sector. Over the last three decades we have protected students and staff in Berkshire and beyond with systems that blend safety and ease of use.

    Nothing is more important than your property's safety. Our team of experts will ensure you have the best measures to suit your needs. Whether you want a full system design and install, or to maintain your current system, we have you covered.

    CCTV System Installers Maidenhead

    CCTV Systems

    Our expertly-installed CCTV systems ensure your coverage is free from blind spots, and we can offer you near-endless scope as to the size and scale. We also offer cloud CCTV set ups, giving you infinite storage, high-definition recording and smart AI, to keep what matters to you safe and secure 24/7.

    Intruder Alarm Installers Maidenhead

    Intruder Alarms

    When installed by experts, modern burglar alarms can offer benefits that range from third-party monitoring to automatic police response and remote activation. Our setups take a more proactive approach to intruder prevention, stopping attempts before they are made. 

    Access Control Installers Maidenhead

    Access Control Systems

    Our team of experts can design, install and maintain access control systems that will scale with you. We offer everything from basic fob and key card access through to advanced biometric and mobile credentials. Our NSI accredited team can ensure your site is secured against all threats. 

    High Security Door Installers Maidenhead

    Security Doors

    At Chris Lewis, we offer custom sizing and bespoke designs for security doors, all of which are purpose-built to stop any intruder. Not only that, we can install doors with motorised locks, sound insulation and up to FD240 fire resistance, so your door can resist anything.

    Security Gate & Barrier Installers Maidenhead

    Gates & Barriers

    Chris Lewis are proud to offer an array of automatic gates and barriers that we can tailor to suit the needs of any property owner. The gates we install can include video intercom systems, can be opened with ANPR, sensors or buzzers and can integrate with your other security systems for increased protection.

    Security Shutter Installers Maidenhead

    Security Shutters

    The security grilles we install are available in a range of styles, can be fitted with quiet motors and integrated with smart security systems. They can even have added insulation, to reduce your heating and cooling costs, and cut your carbon footprint in the process.

    Monitored Security Systems Maidenhead

    Monitored Systems

    Take a proactive approach to security. An expertly-installed, monitored security system will alert you to movement at the perimeter or inside your property, as well as cutting response times and increasing the chance of a successful prosecution.

    Security System Maintenance Maidenhead

    System Maintenance

    Our top quality security services don’t end once we install your system. We also offer long term system maintenance to all of our customers, which can include upgrading when required, to take the stress off of your shoulders. Plus with 24/7 access to our customer service team, someone will always be on hand to support you and your system needs! 

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