Slough's #1 Choice for Fire Protection 

    Chris Lewis Group are the #1 choice for fire protection services in Slough. From simple fire alarm installation to the design of bespoke air sampling systems, our solutions use groundbreaking technology to put your safety first.

    Our expert engineers use over 30 years of experience in fire prevention to provide industry-leading services, suitable for homeowners, commercial property managers and those in charge of the fire safety of schools, colleges and universities.


    There’s a yearly average of 40,000 fires in UK homes. Our industry-leading fire protection technology offers both preventative and reactive measures in case of an emergency.


    We are the #1 choice for commercial fire protection, installing fire system designs that have helped to protect businesses and their assets throughout Slough and beyond.


    Protect your students and staff with our BAFE-accredited services. We’ve spent more than three decades installing and maintaining fire protection systems in schools, colleges and universities.

    Are you looking for a full fire system design, installation and maintenance package, or just looking for someone to take over and maintain your existing fire protection systems? Our NSI Gold accredited team can provide technology from industry-leading providers, ensuring that your property and assets are appropriately protected.

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    Fire Alarm System Installers Slough

    Fire Alarm Systems

    Rely on Chris Lewis Group to help protect your home, business or school from the risk of fire damage. Our BAFE-qualified technicians have been designing, installing and maintaining fire alarm systems for over 30 years, using the latest fire detection technology.

    Fire Suppression Systems Slough

    Fire Suppression Systems

    Whether you’re looking to protect a simple storage unit or a multi-million-pound facility, this technology can help. Using a gaseous or synthetic agent rapidly extinguishes fires whilst minimising damage, ensuring your assets are appropriately protected.

    Fire Extinguisher Installers Slough

    Fire Extinguishers

    Having the right extinguisher for your needs increases the chance of preventing a small fire from spreading out of your control. Our engineers can support you in the selection, installation and maintenance of fire extinguishers, increasing your safety and ensuring full compliance.

    VESDA Air Sampling Systems

    VESDA Air Sampling Systems

    Detect smoke early and minimise the impact of a fire. Our Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) will inform you of a potential fire before it fully develops, increasing your reaction time and protecting vulnerable areas such as server rooms and elevator shafts.

    Fire Risk Assessments Slough

    Fire Risk Assessment

    Ensure compliance by using our expert fire risk assessors. Under UK law, businesses and schools require a "suitably competent person" to conduct these assessments - we can take this responsibility off your hands, minimising distractions whilst protecting your property.

    Fire System Design

    Fire System Design

    Bespoke fire system designs help to keep your people and property safe from harm. Our Fire Industry Association-qualified designers have a wealth of experience, having previously provided designs and specifications for homes, hospitals and student accommodations.

    Fire System Upgrades-1-1

    Technology We Work With

    The decades of experience our team have in providing fire protection solutions have enabled us to operate at the industry’s highest standards. Our design specialists have access to the most innovative and comprehensive technology on the market, ensuring long-lasting safety.

    Fire System Maintenance Slough

    System Maintenance

    Current guidelines recommend that fire alarm systems are maintained every six months, alongside regular alarm testing. We offer system maintenance that includes all of the above and much more, even if your existing system wasn’t installed by us.

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