High Wycombe's #1 Choice for Fire Protection 

    Founded in 1992, Chris Lewis Group has delivered quality, assured fire protection services to High Wycombe for over 30 years. Specialising in innovative prevention and detection installations, our team has built a reputation as Buckinghamshire’s most trusted choice for fire protection.

    From cosy cottages to multi-million-pound commercial facilities, you’ll find our installations in buildings of all sizes in Buckinghamshire and beyond. Ready to make your premises fire-safe? Speak to one of our experts to arrange a consultation and discuss your next steps.


    With an average of 40,000 home fires each year, our industry-leading fire protection technology offers safety and reassurance to Wycombe homeowners.


    60% of businesses never reopen after a serious fire. Our services have helped businesses to keep buildings, staff and assets safe and UK regulation compliant.


    We’ve spent more than three decades helping schools, colleges and universities meet their fire response responsibilities with quality detection and prevention equipment.

    We offer a range of installation services, takeover and maintenance packages. From full system design to fire alarm monitoring, our NSI Gold team can ensure that your property is fire-safe around the clock.

    Alarm Systems          Suppression Systems         Extinguishers         Vesda Air Sampling         Risk Assessments         System Design         Technology We Work With         System Design & Maintenance

    Fire Alarm System Installers High Wycombe

    Fire Alarm Systems

    There are approximately 500,000 reported fire incidents each year, most of which occur between 10pm and 6am when people are asleep. Backed by the latest fire detection technology and 30 years in the field, we can ensure your alarm is there when you need it most.

    Fire Suppression Chris Lewis

    Fire Suppression Systems

    Uncontrolled electrical fires cost UK businesses an eye-watering £657,074 per incident in the UK. From small server rooms to multi-million-pound facilities, our waterless suppression systems have rapidly extinguished flames and kept contents safe.

    Fire Extinguisher Installers High Wycombe

    Fire Extinguishers

    Last year, uncontrolled building fires caused 272 fatalities in the UK alone. With the right extinguisher in place, you can take steps to defeat fire at its source. Our engineers can support you in the selection, installation and maintenance of fire extinguishers, increasing your safety and ensuring full compliance.

    VESDA System Installers High Wycombe

    VESDA Air Sampling Systems

    Detect smoke early and minimise the impact of a fire. Our Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) will alert you to atmospheric changes before a fire fully develops, increasing your reaction time and protecting vulnerable areas such as server rooms and elevator shafts.

    Fire Risk Assessment-2

    Fire Risk Assessment

    A painless approach to meeting your obligations. For over 30 years we’ve helped Wycombe's businesses and schools to achieve full compliance with UK fire risk assessment regulation. We take responsibility off your shoulders, minimising distractions and guaranteeing the safety of your premises.

    Fire System Design High Wycombe

    Fire System Design

    Bespoke fire system design helps to keep your people and property safe from harm. Our Fire Industry Association-qualified designers have a wealth of experience, having previously provided designs and specifications for homes, hospitals, student accommodations and iconic historical buildings.

    Fire System Upgrades High Wycombe

    Technology We Work With

    We never compromise on your safety, only ever working with the most innovative and effective fire technology on the market. Our engineers are experienced in the installation of Xtralis, FireMate and Hochiki. Already have a system in place? We can service your system, whether it was installed by us or another provider.

    Fire System Maintenance High Wycombe

    System Maintenance

    Current guidelines recommend that fire systems are maintained every six months, alongside regular alarm testing. Our range of maintenance packages help home and business owners to ensure their fire safety and compliance long into the future, with exceptional servicing and uncompromising uptime.

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