Repairing your broken systems quickly and efficiently

    Whether your home fire alarm keeps beeping at you, or you have a multi-site system malfunction in your warehouse facility, our dedicated team of engineers can repair your fire alarm system regardless of the scale you are operating on. 

    We also understand that speed and efficiency is essential in these scenarios, which is why we offer ongoing maintenance packages once repaired that included 24/7 remote support and rapid callouts!

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    Fire System Care Plans

    Why choose us?

    With years of experience, Chris Lewis put you at the centre of our world. With you and your needs in mind, we pride ourselves in offering the best customer support, maintenance, and care packages to suit you, your budget, and your specific requirements. Our friendly team will help you choose the best maintenance solution for you and your individual requirements and we are also happy to take on systems that have not been installed by us, so get in touch today and see how we can help. 

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