Unifying your security systems

    As certified partners, the Chris Lewis team are trained system experts who will ensure that you are getting the most out of your Genetec systems. By working with us, you guarantee the installation and maintenance of your security system is designed to deliver full coverage and protect your commercial setting when you need it most. 

    genetec certified partner
    Delivering unified security with unlimited possibilities

    Manage all your security systems through one simple to master interface, allowing you to keep a closer eye on what really matters!  

    Genetec Security Centre
    Cloud or Networked Systems
    Access Control
    Automatic Number Plate Recognition

    Genetec allows you to monitor events and configure your system in one place. With a single interface to master, your team spends less time in training and provides a familiar experience as your system grows, continually unlocking new gains in efficiency.

    By working with a Certified Partner such as Chris Lewis, you are ensuring that your investment in this intelligent software is being effectively managed. We can help you design, install, and then maintain even the most advanced system regardless of the scale on which you are looking to operate.

    Want to discover how Genetec could work for you? 

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    We can support you with the maintenance, upgrade, or extension of your existing system in addition to providing unparalleled design and installation services for new systems or systems looking to transition to Genetec.