Designing, Installing and Maintaining Avigilon Alta Systems

    As an authorised installer of Avigilon Alta systems, we ensure our teams are fully informed on their latest cloud native security solutions. Consequently, we have the skills to support you with the maintenance, upgrade, extension, or rejuvenation of any existing Avigilon Alta, Openpath or Ava Security system.

    Looking to transition to Avigilon Alta? Our team have been a part of many complex takeovers, as well as designing and installing systems from scratch, so when it comes to Avigilon Alta, we have the expertise you need.

    Avigilon Alta

    Changing the game with simple, open and scalable cloud native security

    Crystal-Clear Video Footage

    With camera resolutions as high as 20 megapixels, never miss a detail when it comes to ensuring the security of your premises. 

    Encrypted, Cloud Storage

    End-to-end encryption, along with the ability to access data from anywhere gives you both security and ease-of use. 


    Leverage Avigilon Alta's open API framework and find new solutions in the app marketplace to customise the systems you use daily.


    Connect your existing security systems using Avigilon Alta's cloud native suite and benefit from AI enhancements, with no need to rip and replace.

    Versatile, AI-driven Cloud CCTV Systems

    Avigilon Alta systems employ advanced video analytics AI that can recognise individual faces, detect intrusion, track objects and monitor occupancy. This allows for more efficient supervision and proactive response to potential threats or suspicious activities

    Avigilon Alta's "Aware" AI can detect unusual activity, send alarms based on rules, and search through footage to find specific people, objects, vehicles and events in seconds, rather than hours. Plus, integrated machine learning means Aware constantly improves and becomes more effective at performing any task you assign it.

    Optimise cleaning rotas, heating and cooling schedules and workplace productivity with algorithms that can monitor room occupancy and traffic flows automatically. Avigilon Alta CCTV systems provide you insights that can drive more efficient business practices.

    Being cloud native means you can access recorded footage and view camera feeds in real-time, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

    Plus, with Aware, there's no need to worry about the security of your footage. Automatic software updates from the cloud, along with end-to-end encrypted data and metadata deliver peace of mind that your system is safe from hackers and other cyberattacks.


    Using Avigilon Alta's wide range of cameras with a variety of specialisations and resolutions of up to 20MP, even at night, we can design CCTV systems to suit even the most unique of situations. 

    Reliable mobile access control with smart video and intercom capabilities

    Eliminate keycards and fobs using mobile access control, built with two- and three-factor authentication, such as visual ID and PIN codes.

    Manage your entire database from any web browser, on any device, from anywhere in the world, at the touch of a button.

    Crystal clear integrated video cameras allow for visual verification, along with with mobile monitoring, remote unlock, and two-way audio.

    Avigilon Alta's access control systems support PIN, key card/fob, hands-free mobile, and visual verification credentials. In addition, any combination of these can be used to create multi-factor authentication for high-security spaces.

    Avigilon Alta gives you the option to initiate or end lockdowns from any reader on-site, or any connected administrator device, even remotely.

    Looking to connect with one of our Avigilon Alta experts?

    We can support you with the maintenance, upgrade, repair, or extension of your existing Avigilon Alta, Ava or OpenPath system in addition to providing unparalleled design and installation services for new systems or clients looking to transition. Simply fill in the form below and one of our engineers will be in touch shortly.

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