Expert SmokeCloak design, installation, upgrade and maintenance 

    As an authorised SmokeCloak installer, we are perfectly positioned to support you with the installation, upgrading, integration or rejuvenation of their artificial fog theft prevention systems.

    Looking to install SmokeCloak's innovative security measures? Our team are highly experienced in getting the most from the truly unique technology that SmokeCloak provides.

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    Stop thefts and ensure convictions proactively, not reactively

    SmokeCloak's one-of-a-kind artificial fog reduces visibility to less than a metre in seconds, stopping criminals in their tracks and delaying them until the police arrive.

    Security Fog is non-harmful and will not damage any valuable products or property in the room if it is discharged. In an unventilated room, fog will remain for 45 minutes on average.

    SmokeCloak's SigNature DNA contained within the fog will bind to criminals and stolen goods, allowing law enforcement to forensically link them to the crime scene. 

    The original and best security fog manufacturer

    Intruder alarms will alert you about a break in, but will not deter criminals. When the average time a criminal spends at the scene is only 3-5 minutes, an alarm's effectiveness is dependent on the speed of the police or keyholder response. SmokeCloak will actively prevent intruders from being able to achieve their goals.

    SmokeCloak devices are designed to be triggered by your alarm system, and as such, arming and disarming can all be managed through your security controls.

    SmokeCloak supply other products to increase the ability of their security fog to disorient criminals. Their LED strobe combines the obscuring effect of the fog with blinding light, and the IPA 117 Intimidator emits an intolerable high-pitched noise, making the environment physically painful for a criminal to remain in.

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    We can support you with the maintenance, upgrade, repair, or extension of your existing SmokeCloak system in addition to providing unparalleled design and installation services for new systems or clients looking to transition to SmokeCloak. Simply fill in the form below and one of our engineers will be in touch shortly.

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