Designing, Installing and Maintaining Paxton Systems

    As Gold Installers of Paxton access control systems, we ensure all our engineers and sales teams are fully trained system experts, experienced in delivering complicated and large-scale projects. This perfectly positions the Chris Lewis Group when it comes to supporting you with maintaining, upgrading, extending, or restoring your Paxton systems.

    Our design and installation team has been involved with setting up hundreds of new systems, or migrating existing access control systems to Paxton. Whatever your requirements, we can support you.

    Paxton Gold Installer
    Industry Leading Network Access Control 

    Paxton supplies industry-leading network access control equipment. When combined with the Chris Lewis Group's team, this delivers some of the most intelligent solutions currently available on the market. 

    With an easy to use and intuitive interface, the Paxton Net2 access control software allows you to manage entry for your entire building with the click of a button. Control who can access what areas of the building and at what times, plus lock or open all doors simultaneously.

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    Net2 Software Paxton

    Access your locally-stored Net2 system from any internet-enabled device wherever you are in the world. Once logged in, the Net2Online system can open doors, control user credentials, manage access events, conduct roll call, and run reports with ease.

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    Offering the same security and convenience as a wired system but with the flexibility afforded by being wireless, PaxLock can be standalone or operate as part of a networked system. These handles are quick and simple to install and battery life can last up to 55,000 entrances, making maintaining them simple and cost-effective.

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    Customise and integrate your Paxton system to suit your requirements, thanks to its network-based functionality. Easy access to the components and hardware within the system means installers can customise it to higher levels than ever. Plus, IT managers can keep the data and functions under their control for maintenance purposes.

    Paxton customisation

    Track time and attendance on an individual or team basis before sending the data directly to HR and payroll for processing. Additionally, gain insights into employee holidays and sick days, allowing managers to make more informed staffing and scheduling decisions.

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    Integrate with your fire alarms to open all doors in an emergency, or with your intruder alarms to initiate a lockdown procedure when triggered. CCTV integration will also allow you to see who has used an access point, then cross reference their credentials with the video feed to check their identity.

    Paxton integration

    Case Study: St Edwards School

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    We can support you with the maintenance, upgrade, repair, or extension of your existing Paxton system. In addition, we provide unparalleled design and installation services for new systems or people looking to transition to Paxton. Simply fill in the form below and one of our engineers will be in touch soon.

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