Effortlessly control the natural light in your home through Smart Home Automation

    Smart blinds and curtains are fully automated. These motorised blinds will open and close based on, time, sensors, and even voice assistants control. Or, if you prefer, the simple touch of a button.

    We use the industry-leading supplier Lutron. Their technology is easy to use, energy-efficient, and can integrate with other smart home solutions.

    Effortlessly control the natural light in your home through Smart Home Automation

    About Smart Blinds & Automated Curtains

    Smart blinds and automated curtains are innovative smart products that will make your life easier. There are all kinds of these products available on the market and we work with the industry's leading brand.

    Smart blinds and automated curtains are a valuable addition to your home. They are durable, well-designed, and perfect for modern homes. These products do much more than just open and close. Some of the benefits include:

    Lower the energy bill. Smart blinds and automated curtains are very effective for lowering energy bills. By increasing the amount of light that enters your home, you can lower the heating thus saving some money. You can also set a specific schedule for opening and closing the blinds or curtains. Maximising the lighting efficiency during the day.

    Increased security. Closing the blinds, especially when you are away from home, is perfect for preventing intruders from peering into your living room. Moreover, by opening and closing the smart electric roller blinds when you are away, you leave an impression that someone is home. This way you will deter potential thieves, and keep your home safe. 

    Improved sleep quality. Unlike your traditional and existing blinds, smart ones will make your bedroom as dark as possible. Through the clever use of blackout blinds. Therefore, enabling you to fall asleep easily. You can also set these products to slowly open in the morning so that you can wake up naturally.

    Protect the furniture. By controlling the amount of light that enters your home at specific times, you can protect your furniture from sun damaged. Direct sunlight can cause fading and discolouration to the furniture.

    Easy integration with other smart home systems. Smart blinds and automated curtains can be easily integrated with other smart home systems. Such as smart lights and thermostat controls and smart speakers, to improve the household efficiency. They can also be controlled through voice control, Alexa and Google Home. Smartphone apps really come into their own here. 

    For over 50 years Lutron has been the world’s leading manufacturer of lighting control and motorised electric blinds. Our smart design team are experts able to create the perfect automatic blind and curtain system for you. We offer the best installation service possible.

    Our systems can be fully integrated with the rest of your smart home technology. You are now able to bring comfort and ambience into your home life, adjusting shades at the touch of a button.

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    Smart Home Blinds and Automated Curtains Smart Home
    Imagine that…

    Imagine having blinds that naturally respond to the sunlight and heat in a room. On a hot summer's day they can tell when it's hot and create more shade. With smart blinds, this is no longer just imagination, but reality.

    Different smart blind/curtain options:
    Serena Blinds


    Serena smart blinds are functional and easy to use whilst maintaining their aesthetic pleasure. This beautiful addition to your home is controllable remotely, to produce the perfect amount of light, dark, privacy, and comfort.

    • Functional
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Easy to use
    • Wireless remote control
    • Energy saving
    Sivoia QS Triathlon

    Sivoia QS Triathlon

    Sivoia QS Triathlon automatic blinds and curtains provide a flexible shading system. They can either be fitted in the new roller shade or the insulating honeycomb style. Providing an extra layer of warmth during the winter. These are battery-powered and perfect for retro-fit applications.

    • Battery-powered
    • Retro-fit options available
    • Flexible to fit into your needs and style
    • Fashionable
    Sivoia QS Wireless

    Sivoia QS Wireless

    Sivoia QS Wireless control all of your blinds and curtains wirelessly. This gives you the ability to adjust the lighting in multiple rooms or your whole building effortlessly. These can be integrated with Lutron’s smart lighting solutions. Therefore, controlling all aspects of natural and artificial light. So, you can create the perfect atmosphere and ambience.

    • Wireless control
    • Integration opportunities with lighting
    • Ability to adjust shade in multiple rooms or individual rooms at the touch of a button
    • Energy saving
    Hyperion Solar-Adaptive Shading

    Hyperion Solar-Adaptive Shading

    Hyperion solar-adaptive shading uses software to automatically adjust the shades. This is in response to the changing position of the sun. This innovative smart technology can help save energy and instantly reduce glare. It also can regulate your home’s temperature.

    • Energy-saving
    • Reduces glare
    • Temperature regulation
    • Automated through sensors
    Benefits of automated blinds & curtains
    • Energy efficient = better for the planet (and your wallet)
    • Easy to use & controlled remotely
    • Fashionable and aesthetically pleasing
    • Control the temperature of your home naturally
    • Increased privacy and comfort
    • Able to integrate easily with other smart technology
    Benefits of automated blinds & curtains
    Integration opportunities

    Our smart blinds and curtains offer integration opportunities with other smart technology, including:

    The perfect pairing. Smart Home Blinds and smart lighting work together to automatically recognise changes in lighting. They can turn lights on and shut the blinds when the light is dim. They can open the blinds and turn the lights off when it’s light outside. This will be more energy efficient overall, meaning your negative impact on the planet is reduced!

    Learn more about smart lighting
    Smart Lighting

    To help you enjoy your film in peace and without glare, integrate your smart blinds into your home cinema! They can be programmed to automatically shut when the film begins. Or at the quick press of a button. This means your immersive cinematic experience is never compromised.

    Learn more about home cinemas
    Home Cinema Smart Blinds and Curtains

    Having your blinds automatically shut at night means increased security for you and your family. It also means no valuable items or clear entry route are on display. These are also useful when you go away, as they are easily controlled through an app. This means you can open and close them while you are on holiday to make it look as though someone is home.

    Learn more about smart home security
    Smart Security Blinds and Curtains
    Why choose us for Smart Home Blinds and Curtains?

    Established in 2008, Chris Lewis Smart Home is run by a team of dedicated integration experts. We excel in designing and installing only the best smart home systems. With years of experience, we'll advise you on any other integration opportunities. These include smart lighting, blinds, home cinema, security cameras, and more.

    We also offer maintenance and support packages to suit different needs and budgets. Chris Lewis can even upgrade or replace existing electric blind systems not installed by us. We ensure you are always getting the most out of your smart home systems.

    Smart Home Blinds Review

    “Chris Lewis Smart Home succeeded brilliantly in overcoming challenges of installing modern technology in an Edwardian house and were a pleasure to work with. We would definitely recommend them to others.”

    Chris Lewis Smart Home

    “The team at Chris Lewis are very flexible and accommodating. They’re more than happy to spend extra time to help you get a better solution and you don’t get billed for every additional hour because their focus is on developing long-term relationships with their clients.”

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