Designing, Installing, and Maintaining Smart Home Sound Systems

    Home sound systems provide superb sound with ease. We can integrate your sound system with your other smart technology. Letting you control everything hands free or with the touch of a button.

    Smart home systems are becoming an increasingly popular feature in modern homes. Smart speakers are both aesthetically pleasing and multi-functional. Enjoy your favourite music, or immerse yourself in the big screen with intelligently installed speakers.

    Designing, Installing, and Maintaining Smart Home Sound Systems

    Chris Lewis can install sound speakers and sound bars to provide you with the best audio technology. We work with industry-leading brands that can help create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Delivering you a fully integrated home sound system for the whole family to enjoy. Music streaming at a new level. 

    Home Sound Systems Smart Home
    Imagine that…

    Imagine you are hosting a dinner party and you access your music streaming service. With multi room systems, you can play music seamlessly from room to room, allowing guests to enjoy the music wherever they are. Whether in the living room or even in the garden. With smart sound, this is no longer imagination but a reality.

    We install a wide range of smart sound technology to suit your every need, including:

    Are you an audiophile? Searching for a way to stream your music library throughout the house? Our smart wireless speaker and installations will create a setup you'll love using every day.

    We offer multi-room speakers and sound systems from leading providers such as Control4 and Sonos. Integration allows you to get creative with music flowing from room to room. You can also combine smart sound with your home cinema system.

    These speakers provide excellent sound quality with enriched treble, midrange, and bass frequencies. Placed at ear level, they are ideal for music rooms and home cinema use.

    For those who want a more discreet way of implementing a smart sound system. We install grille speakers and plaster speakers into the ceiling itself. Chris Lewis will find the best solution for you.

    We offer a range of surround sound systems, alongside home cinema design services, to truly bring the big screen to life inside your home!

    Music isn’t just for indoors. With our pool, patio, and garden audio systems you can experience the best quality music throughout your home and garden. Let your music flow seamlessly.

    Superior Sound Quality
    Integration Opportunities
    Wireless Control
    Multi Room Audio
    Voice Control Options 
    Outdoor Options
    Our home sound systems:
    Designing, Installing, and Maintaining Smart Home Sound Systems

    Control4 Audio

    Control4 Audio provides the boldest way to fill your entire house with music. Browse your song library then play your favourite music through a superb range of soundbars and speaker.

    • Offers the best sound quality available on the market
    • Control using your mobile, tablet, panels or even voice control
    • Integrate with all your smart home technology
    • Use automation and set the lights to "party" to start your music playlist
    Sonos Home Sound Systems


    Sonos music systems provide seamless integration. Integrate your entire music library through your home music setup, smartphone, and other devices. You can play any track from your music collection at the touch of a button and listen in any and all rooms. Providing effortless, wireless multi-room setups. Sonos solutions are available for all budgets and requirements. With incredible surround sound options as well, your whole home will benefit from the unmatched sound quality.

    • Superior high definition sound
    • Voice control options – Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant
    • Weather resistant
    • Long lasting battery life (11 hours non-stop)
    • Control via the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2 on Wifi & Bluetooth
    • Surround sound options
    Monitor Audio Home Sound Systems

    Monitor Audio

    Monitor Audio have impeccable sound reproduction and tonal accuracy in mind. This really is cutting edge speaker technology. Delivering the most life-like sound reproductions on the market. These high-quality speakers are available in a range of setups and cabinets. They also have a distinctive C-CAM metal alloy driver cones. These improves quality and eliminate distortion.

    • Custom installed speakers – in-wall, in-ceiling, and on-wall
    • HiFi loudspeaker design including bookshelf, floor-standing, and soundbar options
    • Weather resistant speakers for outdoor smart sound
    • Unrivalled sound quality
    • Frequency variations
    • Surround sound
    Bowers & Wilkins Home Sound Systems

    Bowers & Wilkins

    With a rich history, Bowers & Wilkins have long been renowned for years as pioneers in the audio industry. They use new technological solutions in the endless pursuit of finding the perfect sound. Bowers & Wilkins music systems provide nothing less than impeccable audio satisfaction.

    • Wireless
    • Home cinema options
    • Surround sound options
    • In-ceiling speakers
    • Full-bodied realistic sound
    • Bluetooth compatible
    Meridan Home Sound Systems


    Meridian offer groundbreaking developments in high-end audio. Their music systems will evolve your setup with pristine sound delivered through cutting edge speaker technology. Meridian systems seamlessly integrate with your home. Create intuitive and effortless access to your entire music collection, anywhere in your house.

    • Uses psychoacoustics (the psychology behind how humans perceive sound) to deliver authentic, natural sounding vocals.
    • Drivers are bass focused with adjustable frequency options
    • Surround sound options
    • Powerful built-in amplifiers
    • Bluetooth compatible
    Integration opportunities

    Smart speakers are easily able to integrate, both with other smart technology and internally with other speakers. Want to take this one step further and integrate all of your smart systems, letting you control them from one place? Control4 gives you the power to do just that. Find out more.

    Our smart home sound systems integrate easily with music applications such as Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.  This means speakers can easily link to existing accounts and social media, and play songs straight from your music library.

    Home Sound Systems Smart Home Spotify iTunes

    With multi-room audio, you can connect speakers throughout the house and into the garden, to play music all over the home.

    Home Sound Systems Smart Home Multi Room

    Smart speakers can be integrated into your home cinema for high quality immersive sound to create an immersive watching experience. Whether you’re catching a game with your mates or watching the newest blockbuster, the surround sound needs to be to the best standard.

    Home Cinema Smart Blinds and Curtains
    Why choose us for your smart home sound system?

    Established in 2008, Chris Lewis Smart Home is run by a team of dedicated integration experts. We excel in designing and installing only the best smart systems. With years of experience, we'll advise you on any other integration opportunities. These include smart lighting, blinds, home cinema, security, and more.

    Have an existing system that wasn't installed by us but needs maintaining? Don't worry, we can still help. Chris Lewis can take over to ensure you are always getting the most out from your smart home solutions.

    Home Sound Systems Smart Home Review

    “The team at Chris Lewis are very flexible and accommodating. They’re more than happy to spend extra time to help you get a better solution and you don’t get billed for every additional hour because their focus is on developing long-term relationships with their clients.”

    Home Sound Systems Smart Home Review

    “Chris Lewis Smart Home succeeded brilliantly in overcoming challenges of installing modern technology in an Edwardian house and were a pleasure to work with. We would definitely recommend them to others.”

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