Future-proof fire safety, a century in the making

    With over 100 years of experience, Hochiki is known globally as a leading brand in fire safety solutions. As a Hochiki Systems Partner, Chris Lewis Group have the expert training and knowledge to design, install, and maintain these advanced systems. Hochiki only works with experts in the field to ensure the highest quality of service.

    Simple yet sophisticated. Explore the Hochiki range

    Hochiki offer a range of solutions for both conventional and hybrid systems, with hardwired and wireless options available. Their key products include cutting edge ESP fire detecting sensors, L@titude management systems, FIREscape emergency lighting, and FIRElink air samplers.

    Ideal for almost every environment, Hochiki’s Enhanced Systems Protocol (ESP) range boasts intelligent fire detectors and alarms. ESP protocols can cover large scale sites, programmed to recognise up to 250 unique device IDs. They offer rapid fire detection, usually only taking 1.5 seconds between the operation of a call point and indication of fire on the system.


    Hochiki’s cutting edge L@titude product range can sync with ESP detectors to deliver a dependable control and indication system. They are powerful and sophisticated, yet simple to use and understand. Hochiki’s L@titude panel boasts a full colour 7” screen with intuitive touch controls, clearly displaying location names and messages. Meanwhile, the L@ti-view computer allows you to effectively manage and respond to fire events in real time with its intuitive graphical interface and system controls.


    Cost effective and low voltage, yet designed with safety in mind, Hochiki offer a wide range of emergency lighting, signage, and way-finding technology. Ensure the safety of your building’s occupants, providing the best opportunity for them to escape in the event of a fire. Combine your fire detection and emergency lighting systems with FIREscape Plus or opt for a mains-powered FIREscape Lite solution.

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    With access to the latest technology, Chris Lewis engineers can help you to create an adaptable, cost-effective fire safety system. Hochiki Systems Partners are carefully selected based on experience and accreditation, promising customers only the best results. Chris Lewis can offer a tailored solution suited for any project. From design and installation to support and maintenance, we can offer complete peace of mind.

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