Technology driven home security systems

    A smart security system does more than just protect your home. It offers a proactive solution that can be monitored from anywhere in the world. Working with the industry's leading suppliers, we can turn your home into a fortress. Protecting what matters most.

    Smart Home Security Solutions

    When it comes to protecting your home you have to get the basics right. Your smart home alarm system, CCTV, and access control technology have to be reliable and easy to use. They also need to be proactive as opposed to reactive - providing protection before it's too late.

    At Chris Lewis we offer CCTV, Access Control, Perimeter Control, Burglar Alarms, and Smart Lighting systems. These can all integrate through your Wi-Fi network, managed from a central location or mobile app. Our smart home security systems offer the proactive protection you want, and the reactive responses you need.

    Video 23- Integrated smart home and security

    Monitor your home from any mobile, tablet, or desktop device. All controlled via an easy-to-use interface from anywhere in the world.

    Have our technicians troubleshoot and fix issues remotely through Wi-Fi. Removing the need for excessive call-outs.

    Receive instant alerts and view a live stream if alarms are triggered, your perimeter is breached, or if the Amazon man needs access to your front gate!

    Grant access to your home by opening gates, unlocking doors, and deactivating alarms all at the touch of a button.

    A more intelligent way to protect your home

    Without the need for multiple key fobs, you can control entry to your property at the click of a button. Whether that's by opening the front gate or the back door using smart locks. Take control from your mobile devices anywhere in the world, or from a smart pad inside your home. You could even integrate your audio and voice control systems with smart speakers inside your home.

    When integrated with other smart home devices, such as your Amazon Alexa or video doorbells, this solution really comes to life!

    Learn more about video doorbells
    Smart Home Security Systems Smart Access Control
    Video 17 - Advantages of integrating your alarm to your smart home system (2) (1)

    With Smart Alarm systems you can arm and disarm remotely from your mobile devices. You can also alarm isolated areas of your home.

    Whether setting your alarm on the way to the airport, or if the builders are in and you want to set a notification if your bedroom is entered, with Smart Alarm systems the options are endless.

    Learn more about our alarm systems

    Smart security cameras take CCTV to the next level. Using video tripwires, they can begin recording and activate alarms on movement.

    With smart CCTV, you'll be proactive rather than reactive. Using face recognition software and advanced motion sensors, you can identify trespassers before it's too late. Night vision options are also available.

    Learn more about our CCTV systems
    Smart Home Security Systems Smart CCTV

    We offer a range of maintenance packages in which we routinely access your smart home security systems. We can run health checks and resolve any issues remotely. In the few cases we can't resolve issues we will deploy an engineer. This ensures your security systems are there when you need them most.

    We also offer 24/7 expertly monitored solutions. If the worst does happen, our dedicated team will call the police and deal with the situation on your behalf. Potentially even before you know there is an issue.

    See our care plans
    Smart Home Security Systems Monitored Solutions

    Simulate occupancy at the touch of a button by turning lights on or off, or opening and closing blinds. 

    Automatic mockupancy makes it look you're at home while you're away. This feature can also be controlled manually from anywhere in the world. 

    Smart Home Lighting Systems
    NSI Gold Accredited Installer - Smart Home Security Systems
    Fire & Security Association registered installers

    “We knew that integrating so many technologies into such an old building was going to be a challenge, but Chris Lewis worked hard to carefully conceal the technology. With latham plaster walls and ceilings, and wooden joists, they had their work cut out, but the end result works beautifully and doesn’t detract at all from the aesthetics of the building. We are absolutely delighted with the solution.”

    “Having a one-touch panel to manage everything, from listening to the radio to answering the door, makes life simple. And the iPhone app provides reassurance that we can check in and do things wherever we are.”

    Why choose Chris Lewis? 

    We have over 25 years of experience in the security industry and 10 years at the forefront of the smart tech industry, our team is perfectly positioned to support you with all your smart security system needs. Looking for a convenient smart solution? Wanting to fully integrate your smart devices with a high-end home security system? We're here to help.  

    When you get in contact with us, we will have a conversation with you to discuss your requirements. We will also look at any limitations you may have. We will then design,  professionally install and maintain these systems to the highest of standards. 

    Already have a home security system in place? At Chris Lewis we offer a range of restoration, upgrade and maintenance packages. Even if we didn't install your system in the first place. Whatever your requirements, get in touch with us today and see how we can help!

    Looking to discuss your home security requirements with one of our experts? 

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