Many organisations have a duty to control unauthorised entry to their premises. Not only is there often a need to protect employees from assault, there is also a growing requirement to restrict physical access to sensitive information.

Education Access control
Chris Lewis Fire & Security has a long history of developing effective access control systems for educational institutes.

Get the right access control solution from the experts

From design and commissioning to installation and maintenance, our experts will advise you about options to incorporate swipe cards, proximity readers, biometric readers, video entry systems, intercoms, electric gates and barriers, and all your fire and security needs into your access control system. Our experienced team of engineers will help you to appropriately control access and get the best solution to protect your people, premises and sensitive information.

We can also integrate your access control system with other parts of your fire or security system, to ensure your organisation and those working with it are kept safe at all times. Take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve worked with public sector clients, or get in touch with us to find out how we can help you.

Case Studies

Balliol College
Chris Lewis Fire & Security has maintained Balliol College’s fire protection system since 2005.
The Weston Library
CLFS designed a passive fire solution that met the highest lifesafety standards and of course all legal requirements.
St Edward’s School
Like all schools, St Edward’s takes the security of its staff, pupils, their possessions, and its premises and equipment very seriously.
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