Designing your Safety

    Fire systems work to keep you and everything important to you safe, whether this is your family or your business assets. At Chris Lewis we understand how imperative it is that you keep the things you deem most important protected. The best way to do this is to have a fire system designed specifically for you and your unique needs.

    Benefits of hiring an expert:

    • Fire Industry Association Qualified Designers
    • Experience with fire systems in a wide range of buildings from Hospitals to Student Accommodation
    • Detailed design drawings and specification to send to building control and insurers
    • Integration with security systems and building management systems gives you greater control and safety
    Fire System Design
    Business fire system design

    Business fire system design

    Whether you’re a small business or a large one stretching over multiple locations or buildings, Chris Lewis will have the solution for you. With our expert knowledge from over 25 years of experience in fire prevention and management, we can integrate the best and most up to date systems into your business with ease, no matter how big or small, creating a user-friendly and safe solution to protect your assets and staff.


    Fire systems can also be integrated with other smart technology and security systems to create the ultimate protection and comfort. 

    Educational fire system design

    Educational fire system design

    Fire prevention and management in educational facilities should be prioritised to ensure the safety of the children, teenagers, and young adults in your care. Therefore, finding the best solution is important in ensuring the highest level of safety possible, whilst still keeping these environments a fun and friendly place to learn and develop. With everything from fire alarm systems to fire extinguishers available, Chris Lewis will find the best combination for you to keep your students and staff safe at all times. Fire systems can also be easily integrated with security systems to ensure the highest level of safety and efficiency possible.


    Being based near Oxford and having a close relationship with Oxford University, we have encountered a number of heritage educational buildings over the years, in which the historical integrity of the facility needs to be upheld. We can provide discreet, non-destructive fire prevention solutions to suit any building.

    Home fire system design

    Home fire system design

    Home is where the heart is and there really is nothing more important than family. This is why ensuring their safety, and the safety of your home, is so important. Chris Lewis provide fire prevention solutions that fit seamlessly into your home environment and lifestyle, giving you the ultimate protection for those you hold dearest and the home you feel safest in.

    These solutions can also be integrated with smart home technology and security systems to give you the ultimate control, safety, and comfort. We understand how important home is for you, so we make sure to consider every need and desire you may have for your home’s fire safety. We can create a solution to blend into any home setting, whether you own a contemporary modern home or a historical 16th Century one, we’ll have the fire prevention set up for you.


    "The service that we have received has been first rate. Chris Lewis Fire & Security has really taken the time to understand our requirements and limitations, and has delivered in every aspect of the work. I now see them as trusted advisors who I won’t hesitate to contact when the time comes to extend or enhance the systems we now have in place.”

    “We’ve been really impressed with the service from Chris Lewis Fire & Security. The fire protection solution they designed is excellent and we benefitted from seeing it demonstrated at another client’s site. They took the time to really understand our requirements – any questions we’ve had have been answered within hours, and any problems have been resolved the same day. You couldn’t ask for more. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them”

    “The College is delighted with its new fire system and very appreciative of the service we received from Chris Lewis Fire & Security. Their engineers provided sound advice and recommendations and made what could have been a very difficult and disruptive process, very smooth and painless”

    What can Chris Lewis do for you?

    Chris Lewis will guide you through the entire process, from the initial concept and design to the installation, and can even support you in the maintenance of your fire system afterwards. We will initially visit your site, whether this is a business, home, school, or university, evaluating the premises and listening to your requirements and desires. We will then come up with a solution that not only meets all the legal requirements for your specific property, but that also adheres to every request you as our customer have. This means you will get a fire prevention solution that is bespoke and tailored specifically to you, resulting in it being easily usable for you and also giving better protection overall!

    Don’t worry, it doesn’t end there. After guiding you through the concept, design, and installation, we can also help ensure your technology stays in great working condition with our maintenance packages, all designed to suit every budget and site.

    Got an existing fire system that’s getting old, run-down, and not working at its best? Why not upgrade? We can take over or upgrade any systems, either enhancing old systems with smarter technology or replacing it altogether, whichever solution suits you best, we can do it!

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