Contracted to Design and Install
    the New Security Systems

    Oxford University’s Bodleian Library was opened in 1602 and is the University’s main research library. It is one of the oldest libraries in Europe and attracts visitors and scholars from all over the world.

    In the UK the Bodleian is second in size only to the British Library and is one of only six legal deposit libraries.

    At the main entrance to the Bodleian Library is the Proscholium. The major refurbishment project introduced two reception desks and a new display cabinet that would exhibit historic and valuable literary works.

    Within the scope of the refurbishment, the Proscholium’s existing security was upgraded. This included an upgraded intruder alarm that covers all entry and exit routes, an extensive CCTV system that could be expanded to incorporate other areas of the building in the future, panic buttons installed on the reception desks, and bespoke alarms for the new display cabinet.

    Bodleian Library Chirs Lewis 1

    Chris Lewis Fire & Security is one of Oxford University’s preferred security companies and, following a comprehensive selection process, we were awarded the contract to design and install the Proscholium’s new security systems.

    Andrew Macduff, Support Services Manager at the Bodleian Library commented, “The Bodleian is a Grade 1 listed building. We knew what we required of our security systems but needed specialist advice on how we could achieve maximum security without compromising the building’s structure or aesthetics. I have worked with Chris Lewis Fire & Security previously and knew they had the relevant experience and technical knowledge. I was also confident that they would deliver a first-class service.”

    The Solution

    Our engineers have considerable experience of working within listed premises and have an extensive understanding of the statutory controls that apply to internal and external alterations of Grade 1 listed buildings. They combined this expertise with their knowledge of security technology to design a comprehensive solution that met the  Bodleian Library’s requirements and budget.

    The panic alarms on the reception desks were linked directly to Oxford University’s Security Services so that in the event of an alarm being activated, professional assistance is immediately summoned.
    The design of the bespoke alarm system for the display cabinet required close liaison with a German company who design and manufacture the cabinets. In particular, the alarm needed to be designed so as not to compromise the cabinet’s design.
    The Proscholium’s new CCTV system allows the library to record and monitor footage remotely, and link it to other systems with centralised control capability. Our technical knowledge has enabled the design of a CCTV system that will allow the library to incorporate new cameras in the future, should it wish to expand the security system.

    Working With Contractors

    With extensive experience in projects of this size, we made sure that the installation was completed on time, on budget, and without impacting other aspects of the refurbishment. Close liaison with other specialist third-party contractors involved in the renovation ensured that the opportunities available to install the cabling were maximised and the security systems were installed and commissioned according to the overall project plan.

    Knowledge of the restrictions imposed on listed buildings ensured that the Bodleian Library’s new security system complies with statutory regulations and does not compromise the building in any way. As a result, the library has comprehensive protection for the building, its contents, its visitors, and its staff.

    A very happy client

    “Chris Lewis Fire & Security’s engineers delivered a first-class service. Their knowledge and experience is unsurpassed and gave us complete confidence in their capabilities. I have also been incredibly impressed with their after-sales service. I know that if there is a problem, I can simply call them up and it will be given their immediate attention. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”
    Andrew Macduff, Support Services Manager, Bodleian Library

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