Learn and improve your knowledge of access control systems

    The Access Control industry has changed massively over the last decade and technology that was only accessible to large corporations with big budgets is now affordable to the masses. In this CPD we cover the complete fundamentals of access control systems and introduction to all the available technologies and how they can add value in managing how your building and people will operate.

    What you will learn

    The course would suit consultants, architects, and specifiers designing access control systems and also facilities or property managers wanting to learn what options to consider when buying an access control system.

    • Why use access control and how your clients can benefit
    • What are the industry standards for the design of access control systems
    • Typical access control layouts and wiring structure
    • introduction to IP based access control systems
    • What are the different options available for electric locks
    • What types of access control credentials are available
    • Manufacturer showcase
    • Siting detectors and coverage radius

    Interested in learning more? 

    The course takes around an hour to complete and we can support a maximum of 10 people at one time. Arrangements for larger groups available on request.