Partnering with a property developer and delivering two exceptional homes

    Completely gutted and left with just the shell of a property, this traditional farmhouse was undergoing a complete renovation and being transformed into 2 semi-detached homes. 

    The property developer had previously worked with Chris Lewis and was looking for a partner they could trust to deliver exceptional installations within a promised time frame. His primary focus was to build modern, technology rich homes that excite and entertain at the same time as being environmentally friendly. He turned to Chris Lewis to deliver exactly this!

    Number 49-2

    Control4 system managed on tablets & mobile devices

    Lutron powered lighting system. For convenience & energy efficiency 

    Chime video doorbell with remote mobile accessibility

    In-ceiling complete home audio system with integrated streaming

    Heatmiser heating control system integrated with ground source heating system & solar panels.

    Texecom intruder alarm system linked to monitoring service

    Number 49 (4)
    Number 49-3
    Number 49 (3)
    Number 49 (2)

    From the Client

    “I always knew what I wanted to do here. I knew what kit I needed and what my goals were. Chris Lewis supplied and installed the equipment and have been exceptional partners throughout the entire process. In both the good times and throughout the learning curves”

    The Result

    Number 49 is one of the most sophisticated homes in the area, with complete automation at the fingertip and limitless scalability moving forwards. This home oozes style and effortlessly controls atmospheres. 

    The property developer had sold both homes 6 weeks before the project had been completed. The client was delighted with the outcome and is already looking at future partnership opportunities.

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