Develop your commercial fire alarm design skills

    This course is designed for anyone responsible for a fire alarm system or anyone designing fire alarm systems. This course would suit Consultants, Architects or Property Managers wanting to understand the design principles of fire alarm systems for commercial buildings.

    What you will learn

    This course will provide you an understanding of where or where not to site detection, interfacing with other systems and distribution of sounders and call points.

    • What are the different categories of fire alarm systems
    • Conventional v Addressable fire alarm systems
    • Sounder level requirements for different types of risk
    • Visual warning devices; when are they needed? 
    • Travel distances and call point locations
    • Siting detectors and coverage radius

    Interested in learning more? 

    The course takes around an hour to complete and we can support a maximum of 10 people at one time. Arrangements for larger groups available on request.