Learn about the future of CCTV design

    The CCTV market is the fastest moving sector of the security industry with camera resolution and artificial intelligence improving by the month. It’s easy to get left behind your competitors and design outdated systems for your clients. It can be anywhere up to 4 years from concept to completion of projects so it’s important to know you are specifying the very latest technology now and using the technology to it’s potential.

    What you will learn

    • What are the latest standards for designing CCTV systems
    • Design principles of designing CCTV systems
    • What are the different types of camera technologies
    • What questions to ask your client to ensure you are meeting their needs
    • Understanding the storage requirements of your CCTV system
    • Video analytics and artificial intelligence
    • How CCTV can integrate with other building systems

    Interested in learning more? 

    The course takes around an hour to complete and we can support a maximum of 10 people at one time. Arrangements for larger groups available on request.