An On-Demand, Intelligent CCTV System

    Fairacres is an Abingdon-based retail park, providing the out of town retail focus for South Oxfordshire, home to seven major storefronts.

    Chris Lewis was commissioned to design and install a sophisticated outdoor wide-view CCTV setup to monitor the car park across the working day, in the out-of-office hours and over the weekend, enabling the park managers to monitor vehicles and people on-site at all times.  

    After a spate of incidents involving young troublemakers, late night loiterers and vandals in the retail car park, Fairacres required a solution that enabled them to deter antisocial behaviour and react quickly if such activities arised. The site management team requested to have ANPR intelligence featured so that they could easily record, store and identify certain vehicle number plates to assist them in filing police reports.

    Fairacres CCTV Cameras

    Hikvision 180° Overhead Cameras

    Hikvision ANPR AI Cameras

    Tether Cloud Management System 

    Fairacres ANPR
    Cam Overview (1)
    Fairacres Retail Park (2)

    From the Client

    "We are very happy with the professionalism of Chris Lewis and the ANPR and CCTV system they installed for us has worked well. The online webpage where we can view our cameras in real-time works smoothly.

    The Chris Lewis team were excellent throughout the installation and maintenance process and the team are always happy to help if we have any issues."

    The Result

    Chris Lewis engineers installed a high quality Hikvision CCTV set-up comprising of overhead, panoramic view 180° overhead and ANPR AI cameras.,

    The 180° CCTV cameras enabled site managers to get a full-perspective view of the premises, ensuring every angle of the car park was covered, acting a clear deterrent to criminality. The ANPR cameras covered accidents, car park entrances and exits, recognising and storing the specific number plates in their management interface. The ANPR interface also enables the estate operators to produce reports of the number of vehicles coming in and out of their property and also how long they are staying for.

    Our engineers tied the set-up together using a Tether control management system, allowing footage to be stored entirely in the cloud. This ensured that footage was constantly archived and available, without risk of being overwritten or damaged on-site. This gave the on-site security staff a constant resource for activity and events around the clock, and vital support in filing police reports.

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