Upgrading your smart technology

    Upgrading smart technology is a necessity that feels like a luxury. When your software and systems get old, they begin to slow down, becoming unreliable and problematic. Over time, compatibility of your integrated systems can also be affected and you devices may stop communicating with one another correctly.

    This is why keeping on top of your technology’s maintenance, and upgrading it when necessary, is so important to keep your smart home functioning at its best.

    Upgrading your smart technology

    A simple upgrade of your technology means replacing older equipment with newer, more powerful kit. When you upgrade your systems you may discover more opportunities for integration being opened up, and it's been well documented that regular upgrades actually reduce costs in the long run because fewer maintenance and repair visits are required.

    Upgrading your smart technology
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    With years of experience, Chris Lewis Smart Homes put you at the centre of our world. With you and your needs in mind, we pride ourselves in offering the best customer support, maintenance, and care packages to suit you, your budget, and your specific requirements. If you are interested in our smart home maintenance packages or upgrading your existing technology, please get in touch today, and we can help find the best solution for you regardless of if it was us who originally installed yous systems!

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    The brief was to install a fully integrated, intuitive system that would blend unobtrusively into the background, preserving the elegance of the new décor.

    The outcome is an easy-to-use, secure smart home, all encased in a beautiful period property with technology that can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet – just what the owners wanted.

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