Redefine your soundtrack with Monitor Audio

    Chris Lewis Smart Home work with monitor audio’s high-quality speaker systems to make your home audio experience exceptional. The British based speaker experts have been global leaders in HiFi loudspeaker design for more than 40 years.


    Their aesthetically pleasing speakers combine stereo and surround sound in systems that produce excellent sound quality and the utmost style. They also offer in-ceiling and in-wall speaker systems for custom projects, using these to add discreet sound to your smart home systems.

    Monitor Audio

    With an ever-evolving product portfolio, Monitor Audio continues to impress end users with a wide range of sleek audio solutions for both inside and outside of the home. With high-quality sound capable of being delivered through bookshelf, floor-standing, on-wall, and in-ceiling speakers, our design team can design and install immersive surround sound systems that can even be fully integrated with your home cinema setup for the ultimate movie night!

    Redefining your home sound with Monitor Audio
    Imagine that…

    Imagine sitting in front of your TV, ready to watch your favourite film and your surround sound kicks in, the soundtrack to the film immersing you entirely into its world. With Monitor Audio, this is no longer imagination, but a reality.

    Why choose us?

    Our expert Smart Home consultants and engineers are here to help you get the best possible audio solution to suit your property. We’ll work closely with you to design and install the right products for your specific needs. Monitor Audio’s high-performing speaker solutions can integrate easily with multimedia devices, such as Control4 and once installed Chris Lewis offer a wide range of maintenance and care plan packages, ensuring your sound system continues to impress long into the future.

    Even if we didn’t install your system we can still help upgrade and maintain it, so regardless of your requirements, get in touch today to see how we may be able to help.

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