Control4 your smart home

    Control4 smart home management systems are some of the most sophisticated available. You can control almost any smart device in your home, automatically, using their integrated software!

    Your lighting, music, video, security, and more can all be seamlessly integrated and controlled through the touch of a button – and some elements from anywhere in the world, keeping you connected and protected.


    For over 10 years, Control 4 have been offering the ultimate smart home automation systems, creating personalised experiences that will enhance your lifestyle. With added comfort, convenience, and savings, Control4 solves the complexity of managing technology, both at home and at work. Protect your home and business by integrating smart locks, lighting, sensors, and security cameras, so you can keep a virtual ‘eye’ on your home and business at all times. With reliable, consistent, and scalable systems, Control4 is the best in smart home technology currently on the market and is able to be fully integrated with a variety of other systems and brands, making it the most flexible solution available.

    Whether you want the perfect atmosphere in every room, or just an effortless way to save energy, Control4 automation systems have a simple solution. Their technology is able to be fully integrated with other smart technology including:

    Benefits of Control4 technology
    • A market leader in home controls that incorporates simple and intuitive touchscreens, remotes, and a range of other interfaces
    • Scalable and manufacturer agnostic (supports a wide range of third-party manufacturers)
    • Create the perfect ambience for you and your family in each room
    • Easily controlled from a single integrated system
    • Peace of mind with integrated smart security
    • Sleek designs
    • Integration with other smart technologies, the opportunities are endless!
    Benefits of Control4 technology
    Why work with Chris Lewis?

    Chris Lewis are an Authorized Platinum Dealer of Control4 which is testament to the range and quality of service we can offer to our customers. The Control4 dealership partner scheme ensures only those with the best knowledge, skill and technical ability are allowed to install Control4 products. The Control4 Platinum status recognises the rigorous Control4 training our engineers have undertaken, our depth of expertise and ability to offer a higher level of on-going support to our customer base.

    Consequently, our team of experts are perfectly positioned to support you with all your Control4 requirements, both now and long into the future, with a wide range of maintenance and care plans also available, regardless of if we installed your system originally.

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    Stunning Period Home

    The brief was to install a fully integrated, intuitive system that would blend unobtrusively into the background, preserving the elegance of the new décor.

    The outcome is an easy-to-use, secure smart home, all encased in a beautiful period property with technology that can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet – just what the owners wanted.

    Stunning Period Home

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