Fed up with slow, unreliable Wi-Fi?

Chris Lewis Smart Home can help you get your Wi-Fi working faster and more consistently

The team of engineers and IT experts at Chris Lewis Smart Home have been installing Home Automation systems for over ten years. We understand how vital it is to have robust and well-designed Wi-Fi to ensure all the devices in your home work – whenever and where ever you need them. As people are using more smart and wireless devices, the need to have fast, reliable Wi-Fi is more important than ever before.

If your struggling with Wi-Fi that is slow, unpredictable or inconsistent, we can help.

One of our Chris Lewis Smart Home IT consultants will come to your property to properly survey it, discuss you needs and Wi-Fi demands. We often heatmap your home to discover the Wi-Fi speeds available.

We then use industry leading products to produce a robust and super-secure Wi-Fi network. Our installations are always tailored to each customer’s individual needs.

Get better Wi-Fi

Specialists in larger properties, older building and period homes

Properties with outbuildings, perhaps a pool house, home office or garden studio often have issues with good Wi-Fi coverage.  Many of our clients come to us fed up of Wi-Fi that drops out in certain areas of their property. We help them get Wi-Fi tough enough the deal with the demands of a large home or business.

Older buildings can also be challenging for some Wi-Fi networks. However, Chris Lewis Smart Home can design reliable wireless connectivity – even if your walls are a metre thick!

laptop in garden Wi-FiTotal control, robust Wi-Fi – all at the touch of a button

If you have multiple people living in your property, each with their own devices, it is important to not only make sure they are all working well but sometimes you need to take control. Our systems can allow you to switch off Wi-Fi connection to certain areas of the house (very useful for the kids’ bedrooms) and also monitor and control the Wi-Fi usage of individual devices.


If you’d like to stop feeling so frustrated with your Wi-Fi and dream having interest that is fast, secure and consist – then give us a call today on 01865 782 424

What our customers say about Chris Lewis Smart Home’s Wi-Fi solutions

“We were lucky enough to get a Gigaclear fibre service to the house a while ago but have had no end of trouble with connecting to the Wi-Fi around the house.  Our property is very old with thick walls, we used to have to huddle around the box to get online and print or Skype.

 Chris Lewis took one look at the setup and came up with a recommendation to put in three mesh Wi-Fi boosters.  They came and installed in about an hour and our setup has completely changed with coverage everywhere – we can even watch Netflix on our sitting room TV and print to the office from the garden!”

Andrew and Mandy Prescott.


About Chris Lewis Smart Home

Chris Lewis Smart Home was established in 2008 by a small team of IT and system integration experts working at one of the UK’s leading independent installers of electronic safety and security systems, Chris Lewis Fire & Security.

Chris Lewis Smart Home is now headed up by Managing Director, Justin Rhodes, an IT professional with a background in networking and system integration and over ten years’ experience in developing complex integrated home automation. The team comprises certified programmers, networking specialists and audio-visual technicians and boasts a range of industry qualifications and accreditations.

We specialise in designing and installing smart home systems including: