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Chris Lewis Smart Home Stay Connected

Chris Lewis Smart Home advises on the best technology to integrate into architectural designs

When architects, Anderson Orr, asked us to share our key technologies for integrated future-ready homes, we were more than happy to offer them some ideas. With Lockdown affecting both our home and work lives, it has never been more important to have a home technology system that is not only reliable but also intuitive. Being better connected and in control will have a long-lasting impact on the way we live and work. So it is no surprise that those designing residential projects are looking to technology that can keep up with the new demands we are placing on our homes.

Anderson Orr offer a comprehensive design service including architecture, strategic planning, interior design, 3D visualisation and project management. They understand every step of the process and the importance of considering aspects such as home automation within the design phase. Chris Lewis support Anderson Orr as smart home and security technology partners.

Anderson Orr projects

A selection of properties from Anderson Orr’s portfolio

Changing times

When asked about how best to make home future-ready, Justin Rhodes, Managing Director of Chris Lewis Smart Home stated “The Covid-19 outbreak has had a profound effect on our lives. The ability to swiftly adapt to a new working regime and connect with each other through the use of technology has been astounding and there is no doubt that this will bring long-lasting changes to our habits. Spending so much time at home has been a revelation. We fill our cars with amazing gadgets – climate control, surround sound systems – all currently sat on our driveways. Our homes, where we spend the majority of our time, are often sadly neglected when it comes to automation, comfort and pure entertainment for us and our families. As a Smart Home technology provider, this change in habits brings into focus many aspects of our homes that will undoubtedly move up the priority list. Here are the key technologies that we see at the top of the home shopping list of the future”

Anderson Orr Future-ready tips

About Anderson Orr

Anderson Orr Architects is an Oxfordshire based design led architectural practice. Their experienced team work on a variety of building types and offer a range of services from design to completion.   |   |   01865 873936

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If you are developing a property or are looking to make your home smarter, have a chat with one of the expert design consultants at Chris Lewis Smart Home on 01865 782 424.

CHRIS LEWIS GROUP UPDATE: response to the Coronavirus (Covid–19)

CLSH coronavirus update

Message from Chris Lewis on our response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

I would like to take this opportunity to reassure our valued customers that, although our offices are currently closed, we continue to be operational and support your systems to ensure they remain safe and compliant.

“Security & fire safety personnel can play a vital role at this time of national challenge. People working in these sectors who are essential to national infrastructure are “Key Workers” for the purposes of the Government’s guidance on COVID-19”

The safety and protection of your premises is vital at this time. A lot of buildings, especially commercial premises are empty and it is therefore critical that your fire and security systems are properly maintained. This will not only protect your building and contents, but it will reduce the strain on emergency services having to attend an alarm.

Over the years our business has invested heavily in technology and we are confident that we have the systems and processes in place to ensure that we can continue to remain operational and support you and your systems during this extremely challenging period.

The health, safety and welfare of our customers and our employees remains a top priority. We are closely monitoring and following information and guidance issued by Public Health England and the World Health Organisation, as well as our industry bodies, and I would like to outline some of the measures that we have put in place, and precautions that we are taking at this time.

Remote access
For customers experiencing problems with their fire, security or smart home system, where possible, our engineers, will try to fix the problem remotely. Where remote access to your system is not operational, we will connect with you using online video applications.

Engineer visits
We are carefully reviewing requests for engineer visits on a case by case basis and doing the relevant risk assessments, but please rest assured that an engineer will attend your site if it is deemed necessary. Our engineers are working in isolation and are following strict social distancing and hygiene protocols at all times.

If there are any additional or specific precautions that you require our engineers to undertake in relation to Covid-19 before or during a site visit, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Getting in touch with us
• For general enquiries and non-emergency assistance, please Email us. We will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours/next working day.

• In an emergency please call 01865 782444. We continue to operate a 24-hour helpline for our contracted customers. Please note, we have updated our telephone options, so please listen carefully to select the appropriate option.

• We have a live chat system on our website, so please do make use of this tool to talk to a member of staff online.

We are committed to maintaining a high level of service at this very difficult time, whilst complying with guidelines and restrictions that have been put in place to protect individuals and contain the spread of the virus. We appreciate your continued business and patience and we very much look forward to opening the office again as soon as it is permitted.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Keeping Our Customers Connected

Chris Lewis Smart Home Stay Connected

Message from Chris Lewis CEO

As a business we have taken a number of steps to serve our valued customers in these difficult times. I wanted to update all of you on the measures we are taking as a business to ensure your property stays protected and we stay connected.

We as always will operate a 24-hour helpline for all our contracted customers and have engineers on call outside normal working hours.

In the unlikely case of closure to our office all our staff have the ability to work from home if necessary with full office connectivity.
All normal methods of communication via our cloud service platforms will be available, phone, email and video if you need us.
Where we have access we can also remotely access your systems.

We have the ability to tap into our wider network of companies and subcontractors across the country for further engineering resources if needed.

At this moment we are happy to report that we feel that we have in place a robust system and should not see any drop in service levels but we will be daily monitoring this.

I hope this gives you a level of reassurance you need at this time but please do not hesitate to call the team if you have any questions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we navigate this challenging situation.

How to get in touch:

Call us on: 01865 782 424
Email us

Rack Renovation: Making sure the brains behind your system stay smart

Rack renovation, repairs and upgrades

Smart Home repairs, maintenance and improvements

A rack is one of the most important parts of a Smart Home –  and a good rack can make the difference between a high-functioning, dependable system and one that is has numerous technical faults.

A rack is the hub that connects all your Smart Home technology together, and when done well, can make your system superior, easier to maintain, more efficient and longer lasting.

Rack renovation, rebuild, repairs and upgrades

If your rack or smart home system hasn’t been designed or set up correctly it can lead to many problems. You could have poor connections, devices that are poorly labelled, cables that are tangled or a system in danger of over-heating. If your system isn’t working as it should, the rack could be where the issue lies.

We can help

If you are having a problem with a home cinema, A/V, intelligent lighting or any other smart integrated system; we can help. We offer a full systems audits, a range of support packages and one off repairs and upgrades.

Get your system fixed, call now on 01865 782 424

Rack repairs and maintenance

Award-winning racks

At Chris Lewis Smart Home, we pride ourselves on the skills and expertise of our team. Our racks are a prime example of the attention to detail and knowledge we offer to our customers; to ensure they have the best system available.

In fact, our racks are so good they are award-winning, we won the CEDIA award for the Best Dressed Rack and we have been creating customised racks to suit the individual needs of our customers ever since.

Control4 Gold membership

We are also a fully accredited Control4 Gold installer and CEDIA members.

Support for existing smart home installations

If your existing installer is no longer meeting your needs, has gone out of business or you’re just looking to get a better level of service; we can help.

Drop us a line or talk to us today on 01865 782 424 and lets get your system working again

Get better connected: free Lutron Connect bridge and app with our Lutron maintenance packages

Lutron Connect Bridge and App

If you’ve got Lutron installed, keep it up-to-date and working smoothly with maintenance and support from Chris Lewis Smart Home

Like all technology there is nothing more frustrating than a system that isn’t working as it should. We can offer a maintenance plan that prevents problems before they happen together with round the clock support, help and advice.

So, if you need a quick repair, need upgrade assistance or are looking for the peace of mind that comes with our maintenance check – we can help.

All maintained Lutron system components also benefit from up to 8 years’ manufacturer warranty.

lutron connectFree Lutron Connect Bridge and App

If you take out a new maintenance package with us and have a Lutron system installed, we’ll install a free Lutron Connect system. This cloud-based system enables you to connect from anywhere in the world without the need for any special networking.

The Lutron Bridge is a device which, once installed, allows you to use your Lutron Connect App on your tablet or smartphone. By communicating with your Homeworks system via the Lutron secure cloud-based server, you can adjust your systems and monitor energy use – more convenient, easy-to-use and energy-saving.

It also has ‘geo-fencing’ which will automatically detect when you’ve left your home and send you a message if you’ve left a light on by mistake.

Our support packages

Chris Lewis Smart Home offers a range of support packages designed to keep your smart systems at their best. With a support package from use you’ll get:

  • Over-the-phone technical support from our IT and technical teams (extended hours are available)
  • Remote diagnostics for advanced systems we have installed – we can log-in remotely to identify or fix problems
  • Scheduled service visits to ensure optimal performance of your equipment and to pre-empt any potential issues
  • Detailed reports after every engineer’s visit
  • Professional and proactive advice on how to integrate your technologies and make the most of your investment with upgrade paths and new system components
  • Professional workshops repair service
  • Half-price call-out rates
  • Control over your costs with a fixed annual outlay and the avoidance of expensive remedial work
  • A friendly team that prides itself on exceeding customer expectations and talking to you in plain English

Get in touch to find out more about our range of support packages and how to claim your free Lutron Connect system.