The Control4 Intercom Anywhere and Door Station: The next level of communication and door entry connectivity

C4 Door Station and Intercom Anywhere

Combine Control4 Door Station, touch screens and HD IP cameras to stay in touch and keep your home secure

Who’s that knocking at door?

You could say that your home begins and ends at the front door –used to both welcome people in and keep the ones you love secure. That is why the Control4 Door Station combined with Intercom Anywhere has taken the doorbell to the next level. It can do what many door intercoms can do – and then a whole lot more.

C4 Intercom Anywhere and Door Station SystemSee. Speak. Control.

With the Control4 Intercom Anywhere system not only can you see who is at your door, you can then speak to them, remotely unlock your door, deactivate your alarm and perform a wide range of other home automation functions. You don’t even need to be home to do this – connect your mobile or tablet to your system with a Control4 app for iOS or Android and you could be anywhere in the world and still let the plumber in to fix your boiler, or be alerted if your teenager arrives home at 3am.


Making life easier

You can also personalise your Control4 Intercom Anywhere system depending on your needs. If you have a regular cleaner, babysitter or gardener, create a setting for them. As soon as you recognise their face, you can let them in and even specify the necessary access areas – for example garden only. What’s more, you can also preset lights, heating and security to each individual’s requirements. And remember that you don’t need to be at home to do this. You can still see, hear and talk to whoever is at your front door from wherever you may be in the world.

Control4 Intercom Anywhere

Keep your deliveries safe

Staying in to wait for a package to be delivered or receiving a ‘sorry we missed you’ card can be really frustrating. With Intercom Anywhere you’ll never need miss a package again. When the delivery person rings the Control4 Door Station, simply activate the “Post” program and advise them where to leave the package via the intercom or unlock a specific area of the house or garage.

Control4 Intercom anywhere brings your home closer

Not only does Control4 Intercom anywhere give you higher levels of peace of mind, flexibility and security, it also allows you to effortlessly stay connected to your family members whether you’re at home or a little further afield. Imagine, it’s dinnertime, You’ve got family members scattered around the house, in the garden or perhaps at the home gym. Intercom Anywhere can call all the Control4 connected touch screens around the house and connect instantly to devices in any room of your property.

Get better connected with Control4 Intercom Anywhere

Whether you are new to Control4 or are looking to add Intercom Anywhere or the Control4 Door Station to your existing system, get in touch.

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