Keeping your perimeter secure

    Gates and barriers provide perimeter control for your learning facility and are usually placed in all entrance and exit routes. This provides an outer layer of security to effectively protect your staff and students as they roam around campus.

    We know how how seriously you take your duty of care towards staff and students, which is why our gates and barriers only ever use the best technology and materials to help keep them secure. 


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    Gates and barriers often utilise access control through key cards/fobs, security guards, motion detectors, and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems, alongside remote controlling through a control pad or smartphone, making them a highly secure way of allowing access only to students, staff, and particular visitors. Chris Lewis can provide you with the security measures necessary to protect your school, university, or college, offering expert advice and recommendations whenever you need it.

    Use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to allow cars access automatically 

    With integrated video intercom, you can talk to and see visitors before they gain entry

    Integrate with your access control system to allow users entry based on their credentials and time of day

    Provide safe areas on campus for students to roam and socialise without worrying about cars

    Automated Gates

    Secure your perimeter in the most effective way possible using our range of automated gates. Configured to open based on anything ranging form time of day, to number plate, and even who the driver is!

    • Sliding Gates
    • Speed Gates
    • Swing Gates
    Commercial gates- Chris Lewis
    Bollards (1)


    Retractable bollards are a great way to provide protection to your premises at times to suit you, helping you monitor and keep track of any moving vehicle entering a private space or area. Ideal for separating pedestrian areas from those which cars can access, this solution can seamlessly blend into it’s surroundings and provide you and your students with peace of mind.

    • Anti-Ram Bollards
    • Fixed Bollards as deterrent
    • Automatic Traffic Control Bollards

    Road Barriers

    Protect your properties main entrance and car parks with our wide range of road barriers. When integrated effectively these can help you monitor the amount of cars in a certain area, track who is and isn't on your property, and help keep your staff and premises secure from unwanted visitors.  

    • Car Park Barriers
    • Traffic Calming Barriers
    • Visitor Management Barriers
    Car park Gates- Chris Lewis

    “The service that we have received has been first rate. Chris Lewis Fire & Security has really taken the time to understand our requirements and limitations, and has delivered in every aspect of the work. I now see them as trusted advisors who I won’t hesitate to contact when the time comes to extend or enhance the systems we now have in place.”

    “Because of the size and nature of the building our security requirements were extensive. The solution implemented by Chris Lewis Fire & Security is highly intuitive and has delivered the level of protection required. I was also very impressed with the amount of training and the level of support that was provided. “

    “Chris Lewis Fire and Security have always provided us with first-class solutions. They always put our staff and pupils’ safety first. We are glad that we used a school security expert”

    How to choose?

    The main factors to consider when choosing gates and barriers for your educational facility are:
    • What is the intended outcome should the worst happen? – If someone comes to your school, university, or college with malicious intent, what do you think is the best way to deny them access and ensure they cannot surpass your security measures?
    • What degree of security are you after? – Are you just looking to control pedestrian entry or vehicle entry also?
    • How many other security measures do you have in place? If you don’t have many other measures in place, a large access controlled gate would likely be your best bet, alongside turnstiles upon entering the building. We would also recommend thinking about applying additional security measures such as intruder alarms and access control to ensure complete security.
    • Which of these will work best for your school, university, or college? Do you have a lot of traffic coming in and out of your facility all needing access? Do students have access control cards or key fobs?

    What can we do for you?

    If you’re unsure what the best perimeter control security system is for your school university, or college, get in touch! Chris Lewis have a dedicated and friendly team of experts available to give you advice on all your security needs. With over 25 years of experience in the security sector, we can help you find the best solution for your learning facility, keeping you, your staff, and your students protected.

    Already have a gate or barrier in place? No problem. We also offer a wide range of maintenance, repair and upgrade services. Whatever you are looking for when it comes to gates and barriers, submit the below form and we will be in touch shortly.

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    Featured Case Study

    Leighton Park School

    Chris Lewis Fire and Security installed or upgraded the access control, intruder alarms, and CCTV- all with an annual maintenance package for preventative protection to the school for their property, pupils, children, teachers and staff.