This is about more than just security cameras

    When it comes to your business, protecting it shouldn’t even be a question. With our advanced CCTV technology, it isn’t. Whether it’s to protect against increasing rates of theft, damage, or even protecting yourself against health and safety claims, our range of business CCTV systems provide a bespoke offering to suit your needs. Protecting your business with intelligent camera systems when you are not around is what we do best.

    Commercial CCTV

    We understand that CCTV cameras need to fulfil the basic requirement of capturing live footage and then keeping this should you ever need it. We also understand that you, the end-user, are looking for more than that in today’s world. That's why all of our CCTV surveillance systems are capable of fulfilling these basic requirements such as live monitoring, archiving, and quick searches.

    With so much more available, we truly can help make CCTV and video recording technology work for you in the most intelligent way possible. Our HD CCTV camera's provide high quality images to help keep you, your staff, your assets and your premises secure. 

    Get notifications when a person of interest is on your premises, whether this is a VIP or unauthorised individual

    Identify if cars are parked illegally or speeding and send notifications accordingly

    Automatically identify if an individual is loitering or if a group is gathering on your premises

    Use CCTV as a video tripwire and start recording if motion is detected in a specific area

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    Doing more than just recording and storing video

    Here at Chris Lewis, our expertise lies in the customisation and integration opportunities available with IP camera technology. Our team of experts wants to make CCTV and video surveillance work for you by exploring the options beyond the obvious.

    Integrate with your access control systems to deny/grant access to individuals inside or entering the building, and even cars coming onto your premises, based on their face or using number plate recognition. Link access events seamlessly to the video of the person entering the building.

    When integrated with your intruder alarms, you can use CCTV cameras as motion sensors to highlight if an unwanted guest is inside your premises out of hours, recording the individual and alerting security guards and the police automatically with high-resolution images and mapping to help them identify where the individual is in real-time and what they look like should they escape. 

    If you are working in retail, use CCTV integrated with your POS system to search for video footage by transaction or product. Monitor the conversion rates of customers and their flow through your shop to identify hotspots where you may want to place special offers or high-ticket items. This is a tactic famously used by the likes of Tesco!

    CCTV is an ideal way to help with your HR headaches. Easily identify and record if an individual is turning up late, not wearing the correct uniform/safety equipment, taking money from the till, not fulfilling their duties, being rude/abusive to customers and staff, or if they are acting unprofessionally in any way. Should you need to take disciplinary action you have the proof to back your decisions up should you need to show them or even take it to court.

    Want to tell if the puddle someone slipped on was actually there? Did they knock the water over that they eventually slipped on? Was there actually a health and safety hazard that caused injury or was it a freak accident? CCTV helps keep you protected and get to the bottom of your health and safety issues should an incident occur.

    Video Management Systems

    There are so many options for CCTV available so it’s important you consult an expert to make sure the system you select is appropriate for your application. For commercial applications we provide a software based CCTV system which offers the following benefits:

    • Always stay up to date with the latest cyber security threats with live updates
    • Software can be installed on your own Servers/PCs
    • Expandable to unlimited cameras
    • Investment is transferable to new recording hardware if your server fails
    • Easy to use with windows familiar user interface

    Cloud CCTV systems

    Footage can be stored in the cloud and is accessible from any internet-enabled device remotely 24 hours a day, regardless of where you are in the world, with no need for any software installations or interference with your IT systems. This system has one login per person and you can manage your entire footage library from one screen. Relevant events are bought to your attention and smart search facilities such as vehicle colour, number plate or personal appearance allow you to find incidents in seconds with no need for rewinding/fast-forwarding.

    • Easy to use: Intuitive interface, find information in seconds
    • Monitor usage: Check who accessed the system, what they viewed, and if they changed anything
    • Share footage easily: Send footage to colleagues or the police with two clicks by SMS or Email
    • User permission: Set permissions for which cameras each user can see
    • Tamper proof: All data is backed up and encrypted in the cloud so footage cannot be stolen or destroyed
    • Critical alerts: Get notified if a camera is not working, it’s been moved or has been tampered with
    • Scalability: These solutions are incredibly easy to upgrade and expand as cloud storage is unlimited and data centres will have the capacity to comfortably handle your new requirements
    Commercial Cloud CCTV systems
    On-premises commercial systems

    On-premises systems

    This solution does exactly what it says with on the tin, with the servers and data being located on your premises! These systems use backups and disaster recovery software to extract the data when you need it during a network failure. They are available with wired and wireless options and you can view the live and archived footage through your local PC and devices.

    • Unlimited customisation: Because the servers and network are all local and specific to you, they can be fully customised exactly to your requirements, regardless of how niche this may be
    • Compliance: Companies with strict data compliance laws tend to prefer having the data stored on site, rather than in the cloud, which is especially relevant in legal, healthcare, and financial settings
    • Suits in-house IT teams: If you have an internal IT team, having the servers and network in-house may save you money in the long run on support and maintenance contracts
    Steve Porter Head Porter, Pembroke College

    “I can’t sing the praises of our new IP CCTV system highly enough. It’s made our College far more secure, it’s incredibly easy to manage and extremely quick to retrieve and rewind relevant footage.”

    Martin Gibson General Manager, JETS

    “The service that we have received has been first rate. Chris Lewis Fire & Security has really taken the time to understand our requirements and limitations, and has delivered in every aspect of the work. I now see them as trusted advisors who I won’t hesitate to contact when the time comes to extend or enhance the systems we now have in place.”

    Iffat Khan Support Services Manager, Hounslow Primary Care Trust

    “Because of the size and nature of the building our security requirements were extensive. The solution implemented by Chris Lewis Fire & Security is highly intuitive and has delivered the level of protection required. I was also very impressed with the amount of training and the level of support that was provided. “

    What can we do for you?

    If you’re unsure on which system best suits your business premises, our team of expert CCTV installers are more than happy to help you make the right choice. We can visit your site to evaluate your needs and make recommendations based on our years of experience. We’ll base our decision on the size of your premises, the nature of your business, and your budget We are here to help you find a high quality, cost effective business monitoring solution. 

    On the other hand, if you’re confident in which system you need we can simply visit your premises for installation and get your cameras and recorders integrated into the rest of your security systems. 

    Existing system? No problem. If you already have a security system in place but feel that it is becoming outdated, we can support your business and upgrade to a more modern and valuable CCTV platform.

    Looking to connect with one of our experts regarding your CCTV security solution?

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    Heart of Hounslow

    Covering nearly 9000m2 over six floors, the Heart of Hounslow Centre for Health is one of the largest centres of its kind in Europe. Chris Lewis Fire & Security was asked to design and install an extensive new security system that would protect the building’s staff, its contents, and its patients from every potential security infringement.

    Heart Of Hounslow