Business protection for peace of mind

    Prevention is better than the cure, and our range of commercial alarm systems help prevent unwanted disruption to your business. With solutions tailored to the size and nature of your business, you’ll always receive the right protection at the right time.

    Security alarms

    When it comes to alarms we understand that reliability, efficiency, and simplicity are exactly what you are looking for, which is why we use the industry’s most advanced technology to keep your business secure in the most effective way possible.

    Set your alarm remotely and lock doors from anywhere at any time on your mobile devices

    Receive notifications on your mobile or tablet when an alarm is triggered, wherever you are in the world

    Cloud connectivity and remote access means troubleshooting can be done remotely

    Get a live feed to your premises when an alarm is triggered, helping you take appropriate action

    Taking intruder alarms to the next level 

    Our team of experts are incredibly passionate about using the industry’s latest technology to keep your business secure, which is why we are one of South East England’s most trusted installers of commercial intruder alarms. But how can our alarms help keep your business safer than ever; 

    Smart alarms are quickly becoming the new normal thanks to their flexibility and functionality. By integrating your CCTV, intruder alarms, and access control systems, all managed from a single mobile app, you can be alerted to the presence of an intruder, check the CCTV footage in real time, before then remotely locking all internal doors and calling the police. False alarm? Notify our support team who can either resolve the situation remotely or send one of our technicians out 24/7.

    When you have your alarm installed by an NSI Gold accredited company, such as Chris Lewis, you have the ability to link your intruder alarms directly with a police responder, ensuring that if the alarm is triggered, the police are notified and called to the scene within minutes.

    With our monitored alarm solutions, you have the peace of mind that should your alarm be triggered, a member of our 24/7 team will already be actively responding on your behalf, logging into your systems to see what the problem is. Intruder on site? We will notify the police and call your keyholders. False alarm? We will log into your system remotely, isolate the problem area, before then either sending an emergency technician out immediately or scheduling a maintenance visit the very next day.

    As a result of our technology being primarily cloud-based, we can access your systems from anywhere at any time to troubleshoot and fix any issues. 90% of the time we can resolve these issues remotely, eliminating the need for a technician to come on-site which saves both time and money.

    If a false alarm is triggered (usually overnight), and there is nothing to worry about, we can access your system remotely to deactivate it and isolate the problem area. This allows us to turn a detector off until we are able to fix it remotely or get a technician on-site the very next day. This can even happen without you having to be notified until the next morning when the issue will have likely already been resolved.

    Mike Morris Project Director, Oxford University

    “CLFS were a real asset to the Blavatnik project. They worked hard as part of a large construction team that delivered a fantastic project for the University of Oxford. We are already working with them again and look forward to another success.”

    Martin Gibson General Manager, JETS

    “The service that we have received has been first rate. Chris Lewis Fire & Security has really taken the time to understand our requirements and limitations, and has delivered in every aspect of the work. I now see them as trusted advisors who I won’t hesitate to contact when the time comes to extend or enhance the systems we now have in place.”

    Iffat Khan Support Services Manager, Hounslow Primary Care Trust

    “Because of the size and nature of the building our security requirements were extensive. The solution implemented by Chris Lewis Fire & Security is highly intuitive and has delivered the level of protection required. I was also very impressed with the amount of training and the level of support that was provided. “

    What can we do for you?

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    Also offering a wide range of maintenance, upgrades, and system restoration services, we can help you with your commercial intruder alarm systems regardless of who installed them. Get in touch today by submitting the below form and let’s see what we can do for you.

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    Jet Engineering Technical Support

    There aren’t many places where security standards are more stringent than at international airports. When JETS decided to relocate to new premises at Bournemouth Airport, security and safety were two of the first issues its General Manager needed to tackle. JETS’ new facility consists of two aircraft hangars, office space, and storage facilities. With 30 staff on-site and a steady stream of visitors and contractors, JETS needed a robust fire and security system to bring the premises up to airport safety standards.

    jets image 1