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    For over 25 years Chris Lewis Fire & Security has supported educational institutions with their security systems. We believe that simplicity, reliability, and scalability are essential when installing alarm systems. It's for this reason that we only ever use industry-leading technology to protect your premises from unwanted visitors. 

    intruder alarms schools

    Set alarms on both an organisational, and room by room basis, giving you complete control

    When integrated with CCTV, get a live feed to where the alarm was triggered so you can act accordingly

    Activate and deactivate alarms from a mobile, tablet, or desktop device anywhere in the world

    Cloud connectivity and remote access means troubleshooting can be done remotely

    Keeping your organisation secure has never been easier

    Here at Chris Lewis, our expertise lies in the customisation and integration opportunities available with security technology. Working with you, our team of experts will design, install and maintain a system that is simple yet powerful. 

    Automatically set/unset areas of the system based on the occupancy, in addition to doing things such as locking all access control doors when the alarm is active. 

    Learn more about access control for schools

    When integrated with your intruder alarms, you can use CCTV as video verification of an intruder. The footage can be used to provide information on what to expect for security guards and the police with high-resolution images. It can also provide location mapping to help them identify where the individual is in real-time and what they look like should they escape. 

    You can even use CCTV as a video tripwire around your perimeter or inside hallways, alerting you if an individual is getting too close for comfort around areas they are not authorised to access. Taking this one step further, you can use facial-recognition software to identify if an individual is somewhere they are not authorised to be, such as in laboratories, before immediately alerting security guards or staff so that action can be taken. 

    Learn More about CCTV for schools

    At the touch of a button, you can immediately put your entire organisation into full lockdown. This involves locking every door, window and relevant entry/exit point to ensure nothing or nobody can move around the site. At the same time as all of this is happening, the police can be immediately alerted and on their way to the scene. 

    Give users of the alarm system authorisation to activate and deactivate alarms on an individual basis. You can even identify who has set/unset the alarm system and when. Admin users can also restrict certain users from unsetting the system during set times. For example, you might not want staff to be able to unset the system at the weekends.

    When you have your alarm installed by an NSI Gold accredited company, such as Chris Lewis, you have the ability to apply for police response to alarm activations. If the alarm is triggered, the police are notified and called to the scene as soon as possible.

    With our monitored alarm solutions, you have the peace of mind that should your alarm be triggered, a member of our 24/7 team will receive a notification and react on your behalf. Intruder on site? We will notify the police and call your keyholders. False alarm? We will log into your system remotely, isolate the problem area, before then either sending an emergency technician out or scheduling a repair visit the very next day.

    If a false alarm is triggered (usually overnight), and there is nothing to worry about, we can access your system remotely to deactivate it and isolate the problem area. This allows us to isolate a detector from the system until we are able to fix it remotely or get a technician on-site the very next day.

    As a result of our technology being primarily cloud-based, we can access your systems from anywhere at any time to troubleshoot and fix issues. 90% of the time we can resolve these issues remotely, eliminating the need for a technician to come on-site which saves both time and money.

    Andrew Macduff Bodleian Library

    “Chris Lewis Fire & Security’s engineers delivered a first-class service. Their knowledge and experience is unsurpassed and gave us complete confidence in their capabilities. I have also been incredibly impressed with their after-sales service. I know that if there is a problem, I can simply call them up and it will be given their immediate attention. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

    Richard Hayes  St Edwards School

    “We have a long-standing relationship with Chris Lewis Fire & Security and we greatly value their product and technical knowledge, and their professionalism. They provide a very efficient call-out service if we experience a problem and their engineers are always very friendly and efficient.”

    Mick Garner  University of Southampton

    “We have a long-standing relationship with Chris Lewis Fire & Security and now having them maintaining the university’s fire, intruder and access control systems is proving very useful as there’s always an engineer available on site.”

    Facilities Manager Leighton Park School

    “Chris Lewis Fire and Security have always provided us with first-class solutions. They always put our staff and pupils’ safety first. We are glad that we used a school security expert”

    What can we do for you?

    Whether you already know the alarm system you’d like installed for your school or university, or if you’re unsure and would like expert advice, Chris Lewis is here to help. We can visit your educational premises and evaluate your specific needs, considering your personal worries and individual requirements, before making a recommendation. We also understand that many organisations have been established for a long time, therefore the priority is not only the protection of students and staff during the day, but also protecting the historical integrity of the building / buildings when unoccupied.

    Once your intruder alarm system is installed, we also offer a wide range of maintenance and care packages, meaning, as we’re vendor neutral, we can repair, upgrade, and maintain any type of alarm system from any provider! So, whatever your requirements, get in touch and let’s see how we can support you and your learning environment!

    Looking to connect with one of our experts regarding your requirements?

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