Security Systems Technology

    At Chris Lewis we work with the very best security systems technology to ensure that we employ quality products that are reliable and flexible; meeting and exceeding your needs.

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    Verkada authorised reseller

    Verkada - Game changing cloud-based security solutions

    Verkada offers a hybrid cloud solution that makes managing your footage easier than ever with 24/7 remote access via internet-enabled devices. Maintenance and troubleshooting can also be completed remotely, plus automatic updates and patches. All our engineers are fully trained in Verkada's latest cloud-based technology.

    Paxton Gold Installer

    Paxton - Industry-leading access control systems

    Paxton supplies industry-leading network access control equipment including net2 software, remote accessibility and wireless readers. All of our engineers and sales teams are committed to being fully trained system experts who are experienced in delivering complicated and large-scale projects using Paxton technology.

    Salto Gold Partners

    Salto Systems - Innovative access control systems

    Since 2002, Salto has been at the forefront of Access Control solutions, continually innovating to bring improved experiences to end-users. The Chris Lewis Group are here to ensure the solutions installed exactly match your requirements and deliver the levels of security you require. We can do this confidently as we are one of the UK's largest designers and installers of Salto systems.

    Avigilon Authorised Partner-1

    Avigilon - Intuitive video management system

    Avigilon provide one of the most intuitive video management systems currently available on the market. Avigilon systems are based around storing footage inside a local NVR (network video recorder) which provides end-users with many customisation and integration opportunities that may not always be available with cloud-based solutions. We are an Authorised Avigilon Partner and fully trained on the latest Avigilon technology.

    Tether Gold Integration Partners

    Tether - Physical security into a single visual dashboard 

    Tether technology allows you to manage your entire site or multi-site security from one single location in more intuitive ways than ever before. By integrating your access control, CCTV, and alarm panels with the Tether platform, you can monitor and analyse activity and system errors from your internet-enabled devices, wherever and whenever. We can support you in integrating into an easy-to-manage central location.

    genetec certified partner

    Genetec - A master interface managing all your security systems

    Genetec allows you to monitor events and configure your system in one place. With a single interface to master, your team spends less time in training and provides a familiar experience as your system grows, continually unlocking new gains in efficiency.

    Texecom - Tech

    Texecom - Control the security of your home

    Texecom allows you to manage all your home's security features through one easy-to-use app that can be accessed via any internet-enabled device. This allows you to get a complete overview of your home's security and take the relevant action required, wherever you are, at any time of day. We can help you take control of your home's security. 

    Secure House Logo Security Doors Chris Lewis

    Secure House - Never compromise on style

    A Security House high security door is designed to protect your home from intruders without compromising a drop of your aesthetic. Designed with style and security in mind, Security House have a wide range to choose from, with a door to suit every property, location and budget. Working in partnership with Secure House, Chris Lewis ensure that you never have to compromise on style when it comes to security.

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