Security systems for new eco homes at Elmsbrook, NW Bicester

CLFS security at NW Bicester

The largest true zero carbon community in the UK

Elmsbrook, a pioneering development by Fabrica by A2Dominion, is the first phase of the 6,000 home North West Bicester eco development led by A2Dominion. Once complete Elmsbrook will consist of 393 true zero carbon homes, as well as a primary school and other community facilities.

The aim of the project is to make it easy, attractive and affordable for people to live sustainable, healthy lifestyles in high quality homes without compromising the needs of future generations,  The site has been designed with careful consideration of the environment around it, enabling residents to live in a sustainable community setting. Elmsbrook, one of 11 one planet communities in the world has already received a commendation for eco-living at the Evening Standard awards. These homes are being built with innovative green technology and with the option to add the latest security systems.

The development aims to:

  • Build highly energy efficient, true zero carbon, high quality homes
  • Provide 40% green space
  • Create job opportunities for local businesses and people
  • Support a strong sense of community
  • Protect and enhance existing wildlife
  • Encourage greener transport solutions
  • Help residents reduce energy consumption with real time information systems in every home

Chris Lewis Fire and Security – providing security to Elmsbrook homes

burglar alarms security at BicesterWe are working in partnership with A2Dominion to provide security systems for the show homes and offer our product to the new residential properties.

The intruder alarms comply to NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold standards and offer high levels of home security. These systems are designed to safeguard homes and deter intruders.

We also offer comprehensive maintenance package to ensure your intruder system stays fully functioning and up-to-date for years to come.

A brighter, greener and safer future

The combination of sustainable living, a strong community and secure properties make Elmsbrook a very desirable site. Chris Lewis Fire and Security is proud to be involved in a project that has put people and the environment as its top priority.

Find out more about the intruder alarms and security systems available from Chris Lewis Fire and Security

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