CHRIS LEWIS GROUP UPDATE: response to the Coronavirus (Covid–19)

Chirs Lewis Customer update coronavirus

Message from Chris Lewis on our response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19)

I would like to take this opportunity to reassure our valued customers that, although our offices are currently closed, we continue to be operational and support your systems to ensure they remain safe and compliant.

“Security & fire safety personnel can play a vital role at this time of national challenge. People working in these sectors who are essential to national infrastructure are “Key Workers” for the purposes of the Government’s guidance on COVID-19”

The safety and protection of your premises is vital at this time. A lot of buildings, especially commercial premises are empty and it is therefore critical that your fire and security systems are properly maintained. This will not only protect your building and contents, but it will reduce the strain on emergency services having to attend an alarm.

Over the years our business has invested heavily in technology and we are confident that we have the systems and processes in place to ensure that we can continue to remain operational and support you and your systems during this extremely challenging period.

The health, safety and welfare of our customers and our employees remains a top priority. We are closely monitoring and following information and guidance issued by Public Health England and the World Health Organisation, as well as our industry bodies, and I would like to outline some of the measures that we have put in place, and precautions that we are taking at this time.

Remote access
For customers experiencing problems with their fire, security or smart home system, where possible, our engineers, will try to fix the problem remotely. Where remote access to your system is not operational, we will connect with you using online video applications.

Engineer visits
We are carefully reviewing requests for engineer visits on a case by case basis and doing the relevant risk assessments, but please rest assured that an engineer will attend your site if it is deemed necessary. Our engineers are working in isolation and are following strict social distancing and hygiene protocols at all times.

If there are any additional or specific precautions that you require our engineers to undertake in relation to Covid-19 before or during a site visit, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Getting in touch with us
• For general enquiries and non-emergency assistance, please Email us. We will endeavour to respond to you within 24 hours/next working day.

• In an emergency please call 01865 782444. We continue to operate a 24-hour helpline for our contracted customers. Please note, we have updated our telephone options, so please listen carefully to select the appropriate option.

• We have a live chat system on our website, so please do make use of this tool to talk to a member of staff online.

We are committed to maintaining a high level of service at this very difficult time, whilst complying with guidelines and restrictions that have been put in place to protect individuals and contain the spread of the virus. We appreciate your continued business and patience and we very much look forward to opening the office again as soon as it is permitted.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Staying Connected and Keeping your Property Protected

Message from Chris Lewis CEO

As a business we have taken a number of steps to serve our valued customers in these difficult times. I wanted to update all of you on the measures we are taking as a business to ensure your property stays protected and we stay connected.

We as always will operate a 24-hour helpline for all our contracted customers and have engineers on call outside normal working hours.

In the unlikely case of closure to our office all our staff have the ability to work from home if necessary with full office connectivity.
All normal methods of communication via our cloud service platforms will be available, phone, email and video if you need us.
Where we have access we can also remotely access your systems.

We have the ability to tap into our wider network of companies and subcontractors across the country for further engineering resources if needed.

At this moment we are happy to report that we feel that we have in place a robust system and should not see any drop in service levels but we will be daily monitoring this.

I hope this gives you a level of reassurance you need at this time but please do not hesitate to call the team if you have any questions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we navigate this challenging situation.

How to get in touch:

Call us on: 01865 782 444
Email us

Christmas Opening Hours

Merry Christmas from the Chris Lewis Group

The office we be closed from the 24th of December over the Christmas period and we will re-open on the 2nd of January.

We’ll have a skeleton staff in the office on Monday 24th December until 1pm, after which the office will be closed until Wednesday 2nd January. Please leave us a message and we’ll be able to deal with your inquiry as soon as we return to the office.

If you need emergency assistance with your fire or security systems during this time and you have a current contract, our out-of-hours response team will continue to operate as normal over Christmas and the New Year. Just call 01865 782 444 and you’ll be connected to someone who can help.

Merry Christmas from the Chris Lewis Group

Thank you from all of us at Chris Lewis Fire and Security have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!

‘Cyber Security’ is the buzz word of the moment – but physical security is essential to safeguard your assets

Physical security for businesses

Increase the safety of your business, clients and staff in the real world

Today we are often told that we live in a digital world and with that comes the increasing risk of online crime. Clearly, cyber security is a threat and one should be taken extremely seriously. However, it would be a mistake to do so at the expense of physical security. Our life isn’t just online, we live in the real world and criminals pose just a threat to our physical property and they do to our digital assets.

Hopefully you have passwords and anti-virus software and firewalls to keep all your digital details secure, but how safe are your buildings, assets and paper documents? By protecting your business in the real world, as well as against cyber criminals, you can keep all aspects of your business and life more secure.

benefits of good securityBenefit from better security

The correct layers of security won’t just make your business more secure, it will also enhance the legitimacy of your enterprise. Your staff and clients will see the efforts you go to keep them safe and will value it. What’s more, a company that invests in security is saying to the world that you take your business, staff and clients seriously and want to protect them.

How secure is your business?

Could anyone just walk in off the street and enter your business? If so, how far would they get without being stopped or questioned? If an unwanted visitor did enter your building and commit a crime, would you be able to discover the identity of that person? Would you be able to present any evidence to the police?

The most secure buildings have a security system which is made up of layer upon layer of different measures that work together to make sure all aspects of the business are protected.

  1. Perimeter security

One of the best ways to keep your business secure is to make sure criminals can’t even get near the building. Perimeter security includes barriers, bollards, road blocks and security gates. As well as being a strong deterrent, perimeter security enables you to protect your whole site not just your building.

When combined with an intruder alert solution, such as a perimeter intruder detection system (PIDS), it is a robust way to prevent and detect unwanted access to your site.

  1. CCTV

CCTV security for businessAnother strong deterrent against crime, CCTV can prevent crime as well as record criminal actions. Modern HD CCTV can be wired or wireless and is far easier to monitor, record and store than ever before as management is enhanced from home or anywhere in the world via phone pc or tablet. To take it a step further, CCTV Analytics can be employed. This can include technologies such as license plate recognition (LPNR) and even facial recognition – to alert you of specific unwanted individuals. Your CCTV should be installed by an expert, a good security surveyor will know the best places to locate cameras for optimum coverage and protection.


  1. Access Control

Proximity readerYou should be able to control who can gain entry to your premises, and once inside, regulate accessibility to parts of your business. When a commercial premise has multiple employees and customers who need freedom of movement, it is time to think past a lock and key solution.

Video intercoms are a useful way to see, as well as hear, who wishes to enter your property. Access control tags can also be used – and it is a good idea to make sure employees’ and visitors’ entry only allow them access to the areas that they need to be in. Photo ID cards are also a good way to quickly check a person is permitted on site. Of course, IDs and swipe cards can be lost or stolen, for higher level access control, biometric or fingerprint recognition gives enhanced entry security.

  1. Talk to your team about security

Employees need to understand the importance of security so you can work together to protect your assets and each other. Devise a clear set of easy to follow security procedures and communicate the policies to all staff.

Warn your team about common methods of breaching security, such as tailgating (people following legitimate entry). Everyone should be aware and reminded to stay observant, this way staff can make sure they don’t allow an unauthorised visitor into a restricted area or have their pass code observed by a bystander.

  1. Practice what you preach

Set a good example of best practice security. Make sure any access codes you have are changed regularly and don’t forget to change or remove them when a member of staff leaves your employment. If you’ve invested time and money in security – don’t forget to keep your systems maintained. Most security systems work best when checked and serviced regularly.

And finally, make sure you close the windows and remember to turn on your intruder alarm when you leave the building!


your local security alarm installersAbout Chris Lewis Fire and Security

Chris Lewis Fire and Security is an experienced and award-winning company with a team skilled in designing and installing fire and security systems for commercial offices, retailers and licensed premises. We cover anything from access control gates to CCTV systems, and everything in-between. Why not call us now and get your free security audit.


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10 top tips for choosing a security company for your school or college

Fire and security for schools and colleges

Education security: How to select the right installers for your establishment’s needs

Unless you have received a personal recommendation, choosing a security company can
seem daunting. Educational buildings come with a long list of specific safety needs and requirements. Searching on the internet can present you with a wide choice of companies, all seeming to provide what you want.

So how do you decide which one to choose?

Your success in making the right choice depends on two key activities: thoroughly researching what functions and service you will get in return for your investment, and correctly assessing the expertise and professionalism of the company you choose. Here are the top ten criteria you need to investigate along with the questions you need to ask to be confident of making an informed decision.

1 Reputation: How long have you been in business?

A company that has been in business for some time will be well-tested and have a relatively large customer base. It is also more likely to be able to weather a difficult economic climate and less likely to fold leaving you to repeat your selection process or write-off any of your investment. Can the company tell you how many customers it has? Can it provide you with customer testimonials? A fully-accredited company also shows that a company is able to meet industry standards, look out for ECA, NSI gold and FSA badges.

burglar alarm service engineer2 Product knowledge: What product ranges do you use?

Products and technologies are constantly changing. Try to establish how knowledgeable your prospective security company is, what product options and choices are available to you, and how the company embraces new technologies. Ask what areas of security it covers – alarms, access control, CCTV, and so on, and be confident that they can meet any future requirements you may have.

3 Customer-centric advice: How do you decide what is best for me?

A company that sees itself as a trusted advisor should help you decide what’s right for you and not try to impose a one-size- fits-all solution – the right solution might not necessarily have all the features that are available. Make sure when you receive your estimate that the company has really listened to your requirements and taken into account your budget and any other constraints you have stipulated.

As a school or college your installation will have to take into Ofsted regulations as well as the Data Protection Act and the Home Office guidelines. The installer you select to carry out your security project needs to understand all legislation that goes along with it. If your school is in a listed building, you might want to deal with an installer that has experience working in this kind of environment and understands the challenges it may present.

4 Breadth of service: What sort of ongoing customer care do you provide?

Regular maintenance of your security system will ensure peace of mind and should avoid the need for expensive emergency call-outs. Reputable companies will offer a range of service levels to suit your budget and the system being installed. They should be able to offer a committed date and time for maintenance visits. Ask whether there is a dedicated customer service function and find out how they handle customer calls out of office hours – do you have to call a mobile number or is there seamless continuity of service via a landline? Will they come out at weekends? Do they guarantee 24/7 support 365 days a year?

5 Tailored security: Can you offer a system design service in-house?

security for schools

If you have more complex security requirements, you will probably want to choose a security company with a specialist design team, experienced in producing bespoke solutions. These specialists should also be able to advise you on legal requirements (such as privacy issues related to CCTV), and health and safety issues. The better companies will be able to create CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings so that you can properly visualise the final installation and can accurately assess the impact and viability of different options.

Chris Lewis Fire and Security have worked on some of the most important educational buildings in the country. Based in Oxford, we have have built up a strong relationship with the University of Oxford and the colleges network. Recent examples of working in partnership with then on security projects include the new Investcorp Building at St Antony’s College, Balliol College and Pembroke College.

See more of the work we have have done with educational buildings in our case studies.

If you are a school and and need advice with fire or security protection get in touch today

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